Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top 10 Games of 2011

Here's a list (in a random order) of 10 of my favourite iOS, Xbox 360, 3DS/DS & PSP games (That I played this year).

10 - Temple Run (iOS) - I keep talking about this FREE game for a reason. It's the closest iOS is getting to an Uncharted game til God knows when. Pick it up!

9 - Rock Band Unplugged (PSP) - The first PSP game I picked up when I first got my PSP. I love the gameplay in this one. Addicting and fun and also good that there's some DLC songs for this one.

8 - Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) - This is a damn great Mario game. Great nods to the original and Mario 3 and Mario 64. On it's own, it is sure to be a classic Mario title.

7 - Batman Arkham City Lockdown (iOS) - If you don't have the time (or money) for the console version of Arkham City then be sure to pick up this title. It is short and it is fun. It may be a little tricky at times though.

6 - NHL 07 (PSP) - I always wanted an NHL game on the go. This is the best NHL on the go game I've played and I've only played 3 or 4. My only complaint is it's 07. I want NHL 12 on the go.

5 - Jackass the game (PSP) - You may not like that it's a mini game collection BUT you can make your own episodes/season of Jackass so what's not to love?

4 - Asphalt 3D (3DS) - The first 3D game I got for my 3DS and it's fun, even though the 3D is good at some points in the game. This game is good but you may want the 3D off.

3 - NHL 12 (Xbox 360) - It may feel like NHL 11 most of the time but the little tweaks and fixes here & there really help the game from being another NHL 11.

2 - Major League Baseball 2K11 (DS) - I played A LOT of portable baseball games, I like my baseball but this one takes the cake. Looks great, controls great and the audio is not that bad. I was very impressed with this one.

1 - Guitar Hero (iOS) - Even though this list is not in an order, this game would be number one anyway, it is my favourite game of 2011. Great flashy graphics, fun gameplay, it's better then the Rock Band iOS titles and DLC. No matter what this is MY Game of the Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (Movie) Review

If you read my Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty for iOS review, you already know that I wasn't impressed with this movie. Now first off, I will say I wasn't impressed with the movie because Captain America just bores me. The action is ok and the acting is decent. Hugo Weaving was great as Red Skull and looked really cool, thanks to make up and special effects and what not.
I did really like how the world looked in the 40's and how Tony Stark's father played a bit in this. That I thought was really cool. The guy they got to play Stark's dad did look a bit like Robert Downey Jr a bit, which is cool. But in the end, I dozed in and out of this movie. The main highlight of the movie for me was when Captain America woke up in modern times and is approached by Nick Fury. That was the movie for me. Everything else was ok but just so boring. That being said, I can only recommend Captain America: The First Avenger if you wanna know the origins about the Captain or if you're hyping up for the Avengers next year.

My First Hour with Grand Theft Auto 3 for iOS

I never was too close to GTA 3 when I was younger. I did play it but I didn't fully enjoy it because I was screwing around in Vice City. But I do love the GTA series and for the one game that really helped bring up the open world game genre to iOS, I really had to check it out. I downloaded it when I was in class and I only got to play about the first 15 - 20 minutes of the game. Now because I never played GTA 3's story before, the cut scenes and what happens were new to me. The graphics look like a bit nicer then they do on the PlayStation 2 and for a PlayStation 2 game to be running on a device smaller than a PSP, I was extremely impressed. The one thing I was a little worried about was how would the controls be, but the controls are easy to get used to. There is an analog stick on one side of the screen to move Claude and the other half the screen has the jump button, run button, punch and when you're near a car a door icon will appear and you can steal a car. To switch weapons or change the radio station, you gotta swipe across the screen, which took a bit of getting used to but it's all good.
When I got home is when I really got into the game and I'm really digging it.
Now if Rockstar games can release Grand Theft Auto: Vice City next year for iOS, I'll be one happy camper.

Stay tuned here for a full review of Grand Theft Auto 3 for iOS soon.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (iOS) Review

How is the First Avenger on iOS?'s good, it's fun, it's just I wasn't really entertained by it.
Like the movie, I wasn't entertained by Captain America. The game plays out like Mirror's Edge for iOS. 2D side scroller, you run across levels, slide your finger across to beat up bad guys, get combos, so on and so on. It is fun but ONLY if you loved the movie, now I didn't really enjoy the movie, I thought it was ok and that's why I didn't really enjoy myself here. The story is told throughout comic book style cut scenes. Also there is really bad and repetitive audio from the Captain and after the 3rd level, I gave up on the game, it got really boring. The music wasn't great either. I didn't fully hate the game because it is a good game, graphics are decent and the cut scenes are cool that it's told through this comic book style story. Oh and it loosely follows the movie. So again, I only recommend this IF you loved the Captain America movie or if you liked the gameplay style of Mirror's Edge for iOS. If you are like me and you thought the movie was ok then stay the hell away from this game!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thor: Son of Asgard (iOS) Review

A game that looks this good IS that bad. 

Thor was a damn great movie. It is my favourite out of all these solo-Avenger flicks. 
Thor plays like most 3D Hero adventure games I've played on iOS, on one side of the screen is the analog to move the character and on the other side you get 3 buttons, one to attack, one to block and one for magic attacks. I didn't enjoy Thor because I don't know much about the character so I got confused and lost very easily with this story, which I don't even know what the hell is going on, I gave up on the story here. You do hear Thor speak but only during gameplay and it's little quick sayings and it sounds so bad that I laughed at it half the time. Another thing I hated about Thor is that it was EXTREMELY repetitive and I found myself replaying the same level over and over AND OVER again just trying to beat this one part. 
This one is a bad buy. Do not download it. If you know the characters and the Thor universe, you might like the story but still do not get it, it is a bad buy in the end.

Thor (Movie) Review

Hot damn is this movie good! 
This is my favourite of the solo-Avenger flicks. The story is the origins of Thor and it does a damn good job at telling you about the character. One of my favourite things about the movie was the acting. The acting in the movie was spectacular! Chris Hemsworth does a damn good job at playing the Godly hero and he does it with humour and how he interacts with our world ... like when he likes a drink. ANOTHER! 
Anthony Hopkins also does a great job and Tom Hiddleston was great for the bad guy but the reason he is the bad guy is a reason we've seen in a few movies before already. 
The movie is really humourous and one thing I really loved about the movie is all the things in Asgard is extremely visually pleasing. It all looks very beautiful and incredible to just look around the screen and take it all in. 
This is the best one of the bunch and I think just on it's own, it's a great movie! You should watch this one no matter what!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Iron Man 2 (iOS) Review

For 5 bucks you can feel like Iron Man, but it's mainly worth it for the flying. The game does look pretty good, like it looks like a playstation 1 game and that's always a good thing with me. The audio is great because Robert Downey Jr comes in to do voice work for Tony Stark, the new guy that plays Rhodes comes in, and it's good that the game has the cast of the movie. It's better then having a badly voiced Tony Stark. It loosely follows the movie, I don't know if you fight Whiplash, I haven't gotten there yet though because the game keeps kicking my ass with its repetitive enemies and sometimes unresponsive controls, like I would like to turn but for some reason he's shooting a laser from his chest. Just why? I want to TURN! NOT SHOOT! 
If Gameloft worked on the controls, I can recommend this a lot easier BUT if you do wanna play Iron Man 2, just wait til it's on sale. It's Christmas, it's probably on sale now or should be soon.

Iron Man 2 (Movie) Review

That's a little bit more like it! Iron Man 2 delivered a hell of a lot of great action, humour & War Machine! This really felt like it was picking up the Avengers a lot mainly because Samuel L Jackson (Playing as Samuel L Jackson with an eye patch) had more to do with Nick Fury and SHIELD and once again, I loved Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, he really turned himself into the role, much like Tobey MacGuire did with Spider-Man. When I see Tobey MacGuire I see Spider-Man, when I see Robert Downey Jr, I see both Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. He really does a great job on both his franchises. And Iron Man 2, it is a lot better then the first and I loved how this was more Avenger-ish, getting that movie ready. It's a nerd-treat is what this movie is and I think you should defiently watch this! Great action / comic book movie!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Incredible Hulk (Movie) Review

I find it sad that this is the only Hulk related review I'm doing over the course of this Avengers week but oh well, what are ya gunna do. The movie is a reboot to the Eric Bana Hulk movie which I thought was ok, the problem I had with that movie was it was there was too much story but here there was more action and I did enjoy the action, this is a better Hulk movie but again this movie falls like the Iron Man movie, there just wasn't enough from the final boss fight. I wish there was more. The acting from everyone was great, Edward Norton was great as Banner and half the movie is pretty much him running. Way to keep in shape. Again, nice little bit to nod to The Avengers movie. I did enjoy this movie, it's worth watching so check it out!

Iron Man (Movie) Review

Iron Man, the first movie, is the start to all this Avenger movie talk, what with the little bit after the credits but how is the movie? Really good. Robert Downey Jr does a great job at playing a rich boy with a lot of tech at his disposal. The story is obviously the origins of Iron Man and it does it with a modern take on the story which sounds like it might suck but it is really cool. The action and special effects are some of the highlights of the movie, but to me, Robert Downey Jr, the action, the humour and the actual suit itself are the highlights of the movie. The only downside I have to say about the movie is the final boss fight is a little anti-climatic. I wish there was a little bit more to the boss fight, it would or could have been something really epic but it was just an ok boss fight, nothing too spectacular but the movie itself is defiently worth watching. Check it out!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Batman Arkham City Lockdown (iOS) Review

Yes that is an iOS game

A few days before Batman Arkham City Lockdown came out, I was looking through the app store to see if there was a Batman game. LEGO Batman does not count. Then a day later and I heard this game was released and I was a little creeped out. But anyhoo, Batman Arkham City Lockdown is pretty much, just a mini version of Arkham City for the iOS device of your choice. The game is short, there's 3 levels and one boss level and you do this 4 times. The 4 bosses are hit and miss, I'm not too familiar with EVERY Batman villain, but I did like fighting Two face and Joker and I was happy to see that every boss fight did have a different tactic to defeat them, which is nice and another thing I really liked about this is you just pretty much swipe on the screen to punch, kick and block from your enemy. It is nice to see that it's different from the MARVEL hero games with 3 buttons and those are (screen)button mashers. The audio is really great here and is perfect with the Boss battles, especially when you fight Joker. The graphics are my favourite part about it, the game looks INCREDIBLE. There is voice acting from all the bosses and the bad guys. Batman never says a word. Now I have no idea if this voice acting was either just for the game or if it's ripped from the full Arkham City game, I don't know but I'm not gunna complain, I love that there's voice acting and I love Mark Hamill as the Joker. He is perfect for the Joker. There are in-store purchases, but it's only for more bat suits, there is the animated series Batman, Batman Beyond and The Dark Knight Returns Batman. They all do play out differently, some cause more damage, some are faster, one is slower and the game shows a bit of replayability for a few things, if you want to fully upgrade Batman, you gotta keep playing, beating bad guys, getting points, upgrading Bats. This game does have a good amount of extras to keep you entertained too, there's the Batman Arkham City comics but there's only issues 1, 5 & 7. Why those 3 I have no idea. There are wallpapers that you can save and put it as your lock screen picture or home screen which I thought was really amazing. 
You pay 6, 7 dollars for the game, the game is short, but really amazing if you're a bat fan and you get a really great amount of extras which makes the 6, 7 dollars really worth it. If you don't have the time to play Arkham City or if you're too cheap to get it then get this. This is an impressive game and a great package for the price. Bat fans go crazy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

5 Game Apps That Are Worth It's Price Tag

These are 5 paid game apps to keep you entertained if the freebies are starting to bore you.

And Here. We. Go!

Oh Sh--

5 - Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies - I've been playing alot of Zombies since I got it on my iTouch and it's like having a console in your hand. It looks really damn good. You get one map to start with and the entire Dead Ops arcade mini game in one beautiful package. It is 7 dollars and worth every penny. More maps are coming in the near future in updates and will be free. Sweet.

4 - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Even though it's toned down from it's console brother, the app version still looks really good and plays really smoothly. This game is alot of fun on the go, and the same feeling you get from the console version, either the thrill of getting away from the cops as a runner or the cheer of taking down runners is still here and it's worth its 5 dollar price tag.


3 - Temple Run - This is the only FREE game on here but for a damn good reason. It's a very Uncharted / Indiana Jones-esque game. It's an endless runner though but it's free, great to look at, very addicting, simple controls and a damn good download!

2 - UFO on Tape - Believe in UFOs? Wanna keep it on tape? UFO on Tape is the game for that practice of trying to keep the UFO on camera for as long as you can. It is A LOT of fun and addicting, you'll be running around in circles just trying to keep that UFO on screen for the high score.
This might hurt...a little
1 - Spider-Man: Total Mayhem - One of the best portable Super Hero games I've ever played. Beautiful looking graphics. Great audio, cast work. Simple controls and still fun to play after you've beaten it. If you're a comic book nerd or if you're big on Spider-Man, this is worth every penny!

Stardash (iOS) Review

As much as it looks like a trip down memory lane it's not really that much fun. There is SOME fun to it but it's just TOO incredibly difficult. I got about 10, 15 levels in and it got incredibly difficult. This game is harder then Super Meat Boy and that game was something else. So I'm keepin this review short...If you like incredibly hard games like Super Meat Boy, this is for you but I want to stay sane so this is a stay away.

Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Apps That You Might Find Useful!

This is a list of 5 apps I currently use and find extremely useful and helpful. Maybe they might help you out. Just before we start I just want to say if you are interested in ANY of these apps, all 5 of these apps are free on the app store!

5 - Flipboard - It's like your social life and a newspaper if it had a baby, this would be it. You can get twitter updates, news from gaming, music, technology, sports, photography and more from this app. This is a really cool app.

4 - My Xbox Live - This app lets you check in on your 360 avatar, dress him, message friends, check achievements. This is a really cool 360 app, the only downside I've found in it so far is you can't take pictures of your avatar.

3 - Google Search - This is what it sounds like. It is just the Google search engine. Really worth the free price tag if you're always searching for stuff. Also it's faster then bringing up Safari and waiting for Google to load.

2 - Remote - This app works with the apple TV & iTunes on a computer but I don't have an apple TV so I only got to try it out on the computer and it is what it sounds like. Is iTunes playing a song you don't really want to listen to but you're too lazy to get up? Get your iTouch, iPhone or whatever has remote on it, pick the song and switch. Technology is at it's finest when we're sitting on our asses.

1 - Blogger / WordPress - I had to put these two in here just because I'm getting really used to them both already. These two apps make my iTouch feel like it's a mini laptop. Like I said in my previous post, if you're a blogger on the go without a laptop, these are two apps worth getting! They're both free!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Muppets Movie Review

The Muppets is a sequel and a reboot to the Muppets franchise and this movie really reminded me of Toy Story 3 because if you know and love the characters, you will cry. I cried at Toy Story 3 because it got to me, I knew all the characters and I grew up with them. If you grew up with these characters then this will be your Toy Story 3. Now the story behind it is Tex Richman (Played by Chris Cooper) want to turn the old Muppet threatre into an oil rig. So it's up to Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Jason's brother Walter to reunite the Muppet gang, put on a show and raise 10 million dollars to save it. The music in this movie is, dare I say it...good. 

Yes the music in this movie is actually really good, really nicely done and a few tunes are actually really catchy and rememberable. There is one tune that actually stood out for me during this and it has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Jason Segel as a Muppet and the musical number that supported the scene. It was my favourite scene in the whole movie, it made the movie for me.

Another thing about the movie is how many cameos and big stars were in it, Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis, NPH, John Krasinski, all the cast was great, the cameos were even better. Just everything about this movie was really fun and great and I loved it and I highly recommend this movie. Go see it this weekend!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Age of Zombies (iPod Touch) Review

From the PSP to the iPod, is killing zombies in time still fun?
 When I played Age of Zombies back on the PSP, I was delighted with its humour, charm, gameplay and the amount of zombies. Oh, many zombie brains went splat. Now I didn't know this was out on the App store until a few days ago, so I bought it, it is only 2.99, it's cheaper on the App store where its 5 dollars on the PSP. Either way, it's worth it. It's the exact same game though, other then I noticed a few new weapons like the buzz saw and I got the hoverboard for free. The reason it is better to buy Age of Zombies on the iTouch is the controls! On PSP, a duel stick shooter does not work because of the only stick and buttons. You can tell the game is meant for dual sticks. On the iTouch, you place your finger anywhere each side for either moving the guy around or shooting your weapon. Because of this one little control switch here made me enjoy the game so so much more then the first time. The charm & humour is still there, it's just been done better by controls. 
 I highly recommend this to any zombie fan or any dual stick shooter fans, this is a terrific game! You're not going to go wrong with Age of Zombies on the iTouch. Halfbrick you really a great job on Age of Zombies, and here's to hoping we see Age of Zombies 2 hopefully.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) Review

Who wants to upgrade their childhood?
 Super Mario 3D Land is here and holy crap! It is a mix of a few Mario games, the main ones at least, and it is still it's own game at the end of the level. It is if the original Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 3, Mario 64 & Super Mario Galaxy all had one baby, this would be it. Nintendo really keep their promise on this one, the 3D is really good. It does give the levels depth, but at other times, the 3D can be REALLY good. Like pop out the screen good. The gameplay really reminded me of other 3D Mario games like Galaxy & 64. There are some levels that are more side-scroller-ish and play out like a 2D side scrolling Mario game and instead of being like Mario 64 and getting gold coins at the end of a level, this game uses the flagpole at the end of the level so it's easier. All these are good things. The music is my favourite part about this, the music is either redone tunes we've all heard before or some still the same. Some levels go from really easy to really challenging but it's not too challenging and you'll fly through the game in a few hours. There is a street pass feature which does show replayability, but alot of the levels show alot of replayability on it's own, what with 3 gold coins to collect in every level. Some are easy to find & get & others are too hard to figure out where they're hiding. 
Now back to the 3D, even without the 3D this is an excellent Mario game but since it has the 3D it makes it all better and again, it mainly gives the levels depth but the 3D can be really good at times. Pop out the screen good. That being said, if you own a 3DS then you own this game. If you own a 3DS and don't own this game then go out and buy it right now! This is a great Mario game and this is the reason to buy a 3DS and this game. I highly recommend Super Mario 3D Land.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions (3DS) Review

6 games, 4 old and 2 new plus a mini movie. Is it worth 40 bucks?

 In this collection of games,there are 4 old games that just about everyone has already played & 2 new ones. The two new ones are Pac-Man Tilt, a Mario-ish 2D side scroller that uses the tilt features in the 3DS and this is the only game that doesn't show off the 3D. I didn't like this game one bit, in order to do some things in this game, you gotta tilt your 3DS and it's cool that it's using other features other then the 3D but I just didn't have fun tilting my 3DS like an idiot to get through these levels. The other new game is Galaga 3D Impact, it is a first person, on rail shooter type of game and the enemies are the classic Galaga baddies and this is one game that shows off the 3D pretty cool and it reminds me of the Star Wars arcade game and that's a good thing. The other 4 games include Pac-Man Championship Edition, great game and it looks really cool in 3D. Galaga Legions, this is a pretty challenging remake & then the last two are the originals of Pac-Man & Galaga but along with these 6 games, there's a Pac-Man 3D mini movie and it's cool cause it's kinda like a short movie you see at a pixar movie but it's SO bad because Pac-man sounds like a kid and it is just incredibly stupid and the 3D is decent on it. There are online and offline score rankings which do help the title but all in all, this is just a cash-in game and I can't really say more about it.

I can only recommend this if you're a Pac-Man & Galaga fanatic and wanna see this in the 3rd dimension, then get it. If you like getting collection games, this ones okay, you'll have fun with at least 4 of the games in here. But other then that, I don't really see a legit reason in buying this. Maybe if the price went down to like 10, 15 bucks then get it but for now, at it's 40 dollar price tag. Just wait.

Friday, November 11, 2011

5 Mario Games to get you hyped for Super Mario 3D Land

To celebrate Mario's 3D adventure, here's a list of 5 of my favourite Mario games that gets me (and possibly you) excited for the new 3D adventure.

- Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time & Bowser's Inside Story (DS)

Now even though I haven't started Bowser's Inside Story yet, I do love Partners in Time alot. It is my all time favourite portable Mario game and it's the closest I'll ever play to a rpg. Partners in Time has a charm to it, all the characters are funny and the way they interact with each other is perfect. It's got humor, it's got simple controls & it's addictive.

4 - NEW Super Mario Bros. (DS)

To me, this game is a huge nod and thank you to the original Super Mario Bros game.

3 - Super Mario 64 (DS/N64) 

Now whether you play this on the DS or N64, I only got to play it on the DS, this game is what Mario would be in 3D. Not pop out of the screen 3D, this is Mario in a 3D world and I do love how Nintendo did it. They did it right. 

2 - Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Now if you remember back when I did my Top 10 of the year, Super Mario Galaxy was numero uno on the list because it was and still is my favourite Mario game. ever. The only thing I have bad to say about it is the Wii-mote feels awkward in my hand when I play it.

1 - Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario Bros. 3

Now these are kinda a given, if it hadn't been for the first Super Mario Bros, we wouldn't have Mario 3, Galaxy or 3D Land. Now I say the original because well it's the original! Nothing beats the original unless the sequel is truly saying words over. 

That being said, Mario 3.
This has everything the original had and added so much more to it. The one thing it has which no other Mario game has, except 3D Land, is the Tanooki suit. Now ever since Mario 3, every gamer thinks of flying whenever they see a raccoon. I know I do.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Guitar Hero (iPod Touch) Review

Guitar Hero for the iPod Touch is my favourite game to play on my iPod Touch and is a great Guitar Hero game. In the last few years, Guitar Hero went down the crapper but this GH game shows that GH still has some juice left. The graphics and soundtrack are the games high point. The game only shows your character, also you can customize him or her, and it's extremely flashy, like it reminded me of the good days of GH. The game only comes with 6 songs, Paint it Black and Say it Ain't So were the best of the setlist. We are the Champions was good but I wanna play GUITAR not PIANO. Just sayin. Also the DLC in here is mainly The Animals, Rolling Stones, Queen, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World. There's other bands and songs to download. Each track pack has 3 songs and costs ya $1.99, that's the same price as ONE song for RB or GH on consoles. All the songs are fun to play. I had a few problems like it's kinda extremely hard to 100% a song but it's addicting gameplay made me come back to see if I can. Guitar Hero on the iTouch or any iDevice is really worth downloading. If you're a fan of GH or music games, you're in for a treat. If you think music games are dead, think again. Guitar Hero is getting an 8.5 out of 10.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Baseball (3DS Virtual Console) Review

Only fun to those who owned it.

The 3DS has the service I had hoped the DSi would get, the Virtual Console. Since the Wii has the Virtual Console for the old NES & SNES games, the 3DS gets the portable games and the first one I downloaded was Baseball. It was first on my list because this was one of the few games I had fun with back in the day but fast forward a couple of yrs and I'm now almost 2 decades old. This game is only fun for nostalgia reasons. That's it. That's all the fun I had with it. There's only 2 teams to choose from. Everything just looks really plain, like there's no depth to it. It's baseball at its most basic. I'm trying to say more about the game but I can't. I said it best I could at basic baseball. If you like baseball, then go grab another baseball game. MLB 2k11 on the DS is a great baseball game (review for that soon). you're better off getting that. But if you did own this game then it's only worth it for nostalgia. Baseball for the 3DS Virtual Console is getting a 5.5 out of 10.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rock Band 3 (DS & Xbox 360) Reviews

Rock Band or Real Band?

I'll start out with the DS version of RB3 and it's mainly just addicting fun. Still the same gameplay from Rock Band Unplugged (for PSP) & LEGO Rock Band (also for DS), except here in RB3, they add in the keyboard/piano parts to the songs, so you play all 5 instruments, guitar, bass, drums, vocals & piano/keyboard, whatever you prefer to call it. The graphics are like a toned down, REALLY toned down of the console version and that's a good thing cause AT LEAST, it still looks like Rock Band 3. Just not as pretty as the console version. The setlist is decent, it's got about 20 - 25ish songs, like any other DS music game and THIS is my big problem with this game. Since I got Rock Band 3 for my 360, which I'll be talking about in a few minutes, on the DS version, what you see is what you get. There's no more songs, you just get 25 songs and no DLC. You can't add on, which is what made this game a bummer for me, and it's also why I like Unplugged a bit more (Yes, music game DLC makes me happy. Shut up.) I did enjoy myself BEFORE I got the console version and then after I got the console version, I was happy but I was dissapointed because I've gotten quite a few DLC songs for RB3 already and I would have loved to play them on the go. So for just being decent but still addicting. Rock Band 3 on the Nintendo DS is getting a 7.5 out of 10.

Now, as for the console version. This is, hands down, the BEST music game I have ever played. It kicks Guitar Heros ass right out the window and onto the curb. The setlist is MASSIVE and with Harmonix reaching 3000 songs to download & import into Rock Band 3. This is just a MASSIVE IMPRESSIVE game. I tried the Pro Keys (which by the way is extremely hard and for you people who like playing the keyboard out there. You now have a new toy to play with) and holy crap. You can actually learn REAL keyboard, to mainstream songs and to indie songs (I played pro keys on I'm Blue by Eiffel 65). It's cool and this game has replayability not just at parties but on your own as well. You can learn a song or two on your own and when your friends are over, party the hell out! I love playing this and out of all the DLC songs I got, in total, I've got 183 songs in RB3 so far and I'm HIGHLY considering getting an extra storage space for my 360 and importing RB1, RB2 & LEGO RB into RB3. I'd say Green Day but I prefer watching the Green Day avatars play their own songs. But enough praising. If all the great to near-perfect reviews of Rock Band 3 have been keeping you from getting this game. This review will make you. It is THE perfect music game. Don't like a song? Delete it! Want to keep a setlist of certain songs but don't want to keep going through the setlist? Just save it. I have 1 or 2 already. Go out and purchase Rock Band 3 for your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 right now because Rock Band 3 is a 10 out of 10.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Super Mario Bros. (DS) Review

Same Brothers. Same adventure. Is it still fun?
 New Super Mario Bros. is for sure a must get for any DS owner. Whether you own the original DS, lite, DSi, XL or 3DS. This game is a must own. This is the classic Mario adventure where the Princess gets kidnapped and you go through 8 worlds. Think of this like the original Super Mario Bros game but modernized. There's new power-ups, like the blue turtle shell (Best costume ever!) and Mega Mario, where everything is going down! For a game that came in 2006, it still looks pretty damn good for a DS side scrolling game. Now, I have played this before (like a while after it came out) and it took me 3 - 4 hours to beat all 8 worlds but it took me at least a good two weeks before I had everything unlocked. But this time, I'm taking my time and enjoying a great game. The (offline) multiplayer is fun as well. There is just a lot of fun to be had here. No matter how many times that idiot princess gets kidnapped, the adventure of getting her is always fun. Will Super Mario 3D be fun? I hope so! I preordered the game when I got my 3DS and I have no worries that Mario in 3D will be a bad game. I can tell you right now that it will be as good as this game or maybe better but for now, go buy New Super Mario Bros for the DS. I'm giving it an 8.5 out of 10.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spider-Man 2 (PSP) Review

Does the portable version of Spider-Man top the console version?

Spider-Man 2 has to be my favourite super hero movie sequel of all time (along with the Dark Knight) but in game form, Spider-Man 2 on Playstation 2 is a 10 outta 10, on DS, it's pretty decent for a portable game, but today we're looking at the PSP version and the FIRST thing I'm going to say about it is it's done like the first Spider-Man movie game for Playstation 2. In other words, it's not open world. It's level by level, do that, beat him up, go to next the next level. It even looks like the game, but that's not that's a bad thing. But what is a bad thing is that some of the levels from the first movie game from PS2 are in here but with some things changed, like when you're fighting Vulture, you're at some construction building instead of the Chrysler building. Why re-use old level designs in another game? Why not make new level designs? The audio and controls are both, pretty good. The cast, Tobey McGuire, Alfred Molina, Kristen Dunst all lend their voices to the game and obliviously that's a plus in my books. The game is only 19 or 20 levels long and on some levels, the voices tend to repeat themselves, which got to me over a while. I got this game used for 5 bucks, and the guys at the EB games threw in the Spider-Man 2 movie for PSP for 99 cents (Watch out for that review soon!). So for 5 bucks, this is a good Spider-Man game, but I don't think it beats the Playstation 2 version and no Spider-Man game is better then the Playstation 1 classic. Spider-Man 2 for the PSP is getting a 7.0 out of 10.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jackass: The Game (PSP) Review

Is this as bad as a few nutshots?

I swear Jackass the game, which is available on PSP, PS2 & Nintendo DS, is a rare game. It's a hard game to find. When the game first came out, it's everywhere. Since I got my PSP, it's one game I'd like to get. When I finally find it. It's used & 10 dollars at EB games. I would have loved to have gotten the game with it's actual case and with a manual, but I am glad I got it at least.
Now before I continue, Jackass the game, on PSP & PS2 are almost the same game and the DS is just downright a piece of crap. On PSP, you are the new director for the new season of Jackass and you play as one of the Jackass members, though there's no Bam Margera, and I loved alot of them. There were only a few that I didn't like. Though the ones I did love, most of the later mini-games, feel like either bigger or smaller versions of the mini-game I played in an earlier episode. The audio has to be one of the best parts of the game, each cast member does their own character in the game and the music that plays while the mini-game goes on, just makes it feel more like the show. That's the main thing I loved about the game, it really got the vibe of the show. The graphics are PS2-good and that's not a bad thing. Though I do wish they made a new Jackass game for the new consoles. The one thing that makes the PSP version stand out from the PS2 and the very crappy DS version is the replay editor. With that, you play a mini-game, get footage, you can either make a little clip, an entire episode or you can make a full 7 episode (I'm pretty sure it's 7 episodes) season. Great graphics, audio, controls are simple and they show you them in the corner of every mini-game & a hell of a lot of stuff to unlock, the replay editor has to be the one mode in here that will take up most of your time and PSP's battery life. This is a mini-game collection done RIGHT. Jackass: The Game for PSP is getting a 9.0 out of 10. 

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn


Sunday, June 26, 2011

My thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS

Alright so the other day when I purchased Brunswick Pro Bowling for my PSP, outside of the Gamestop that I went to, was this truck promoting the Nintendo 3DS, and when I asked the guy who worked at Gamestop what was going on, he said "It's all Nintendo, they came in this morning and asked if they could park there." After I bought Brunswick Pro Bowling, I went into the truck and it was a pretty small truck, there were 8 or 6 tables and each had 2 3DS's and when one was available to try, I tried it out and the first thing I noticed was...the 3D is great on it! The handheld felt like I was holding a liter DSi but with an analog, which I'm gonna talk about in a minute. I was playing Excitebike and one thing I had to do was go from 2D, which shows it as the original Excitebike, but then when you put in the 3D. The 3D gave Excitebike alot more depth. There was more of a world, stadium, sky, clouds. It was amazing to see. I played one track once with the dpad and another with the analog stick. The dpad feels alot better then the DSi's dpad and as for the analog stick, if felt kinda cheap, kinda crappy, I'm not gunna lie. Then after a lady worked for Nintendo Canada explained more of the 3DS to me. In my head I was laughing, I already know what the system can do, I watched E3, I listen to the news from the Video Game Industry, I know what goes on. I know what the system can do. Everything she told me from Street Pass to transferring my DSiWare games to the 3DS, I know it all but I was nice and pretended like I didn't. I just wanted to play the damn handheld. One more thing I got to do before I left was, I took a picture of myself and turned it into a Mii. I look asian because my Mii's eyes are closed for some reason when my eyes were open during the picture but whatever, I thought it was awesome. I took two pictures of my Mii from my cell phone. One picture in 3D, one in 2D. Now instead of giving it a score, all I can say is the people at Nintendo ain't going hungry for a long time and I am really thinking about picking up the 3DS after my pleasant, random encounter with it the other day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guitar Hero: Metallica (Xbox 360) Review

Do you want to ride the lightning?

*Before I start the review, I gotta give a shout out to my good friend Jonathan Tisdale for letting me borrow his copy of GH: Metallica for the purpose of this review. Thanks Tisdale :) *

 Guitar Hero: Metallica, the second GH game based on a band. Except this time, you can play as the whole band. There you go GH! Now I'm going to be completely honest. I can't decide whether GH: Metallica or GH: World Tour is my favourite GH game, I love both for their beautiful graphics, incredible setlist & gameplay (which to me can never get old) & pure awesomeness. Guitar Hero: Metallica, I loved it but I was a little disappointed in. You can turn on the game and go right into quick play and have every song unlocked from the start. But for this time that I was playing I was going through the career and sadly, as much as I liked the cartoon/comic design of things, I didn't like the career, it was so boring since all the songs were already unlocked. One main thing I really did enjoy was playing the Metallica songs, watching this was as good as watching them live. Don't doubt this, I went to Youtube to watch a few live songs from them, this is just as good. Also another thing I went through this time was a few of the extras, the Metallica facts is cool to read & learn. The videos on how the game was made, videos with the band, this is a complete package for the fans. Fans of Metallica, don't be afraid to get this, this is a fan package right here. There may be no DLC except for that Metallica album which you can download in Guitar Hero 3, World Tour & here but the songs are always fun to play and I love singing Tuesday's Gone. Always fun. Guitar Hero: Metallica for the Xbox 360 is getting an 8.5 out of 10. 

Still can't decide between this and World Tour as my personal favourite GH game.

PSP Movies - Click, Dodgeball & Ricky Bobby Reviews!

3 movies, which one is worth watching?

Click Review
Click has to be one of my favourite Adam Sandler movies. (Little Nicky & Big Daddy being my favourites) Click was available for free download in the "Welcome Back" program on the PSN, so I movie download, why the hell not? Downloaded it...watched it and halfway through the movie, the audio started going faster then the movie and then I fast forwarded it and the picture was going faster then the sound. So I turned off my PSP and turned it back on and it still did the same problem. With that, I don't recommend downloading Click for PSP, I do however recommend watching Click on DVD, UMD or Blu-ray, if it's on Blu-ray.
 Click - Don't Download

Dodgeball Review
 Dodgeball was one of the first comedy movies I watched on DVD, finding it on UMD for 7 bucks was great for me because I haven't seen the movie in a few years and it still holds up. The characters, writing, everything. It's still one of my favourite comedies ever. If you find it on UMD and you're a fan of either comedy movies or Vince Vaughn, then check it out.
Dodgeball - Buy

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Review
Ricky Bobby is definitely my number 2 favourite comedy of all time. (The Hangover being #1) Ricky Bobby is one of those movies that I can watch again and again and still be laughing my ass off at hours later. The shake and bake is still good on this UMD disc and I was EXTREMELY lucky to have found it in mint (never used) condition in a thrift store for 4 dollars. If you find Ricky Bobby on UMD for your PSP then it is a MUST BUY, this is an excellent comedy.
Ricky Bobby - MUST BUY

I did these PSP movie reviews for 1 main reason, to tell you that UMD discs are better then downloading the movie off of the PSN. After my experience watching Click, I don't think I'll be buying any movies off the PSN anytime soon.

Ape Escape: On The Loose (PSP) Review

Is the PS1 classic still good many years later on the go?

Ape Escape is another game I used to play when I was a kid. I remember a lot of these levels and playing it again all these years later was pure nostalgia for me and I loved almost every bit of it. Ape Escape hasn't changed much, the graphics look exactly the same, the audio, the controls are different, what this being on PSP and all but I got used to the controls in less then 10 minutes and by the time I was on the second level, I felt young again. A few problems I had with Ape Escape here (I didn't have problems when I was younger, I thought the game on PS1 was perfect.) was the camera, wasn't always behind Spike (the main character), whenever I would jump or fall, the camera just felt like it was going all over the place. Another thing is the difficulty, because this is a platformer, the camera is also difficult to manage when you jump and you can't tell if you need to go further or not when making a difficult jump. Wait until the last few levels of the game, then you'll see what I mean. Like I said earlier, audio is still the same and I still love it. The only part I found annoying was the cutscenes with the professor and the girl, they got a bit annoying. But other then that, I finally beat Ape Escape as well. I never beat it as a kid, I only got to the TV tower level or Specter-Land, I'm not really sure but either way I beat it in 2011 on the PSP. Well, with the problems I had here & there with Ape Escape, I did enjoy playing it again all these years later and Ape Escape: On the Loose for the PSP is getting a 7.5 out of 10.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NHL 07 (PSP) & NHL 11 (360) Reviews!

2 hockey games, who will come out with the cup?

NHL 07 isn't that bad for a portable hockey game. It plays alot faster then NHL 11 & that's most likely cause it's a portable game. I got used to the controls very quickly and that's because they show them to you during the loading screen (which is a great idea!). Even though the graphics are PlayStation 2ish, that didn't bother me and I didn't have many problems with NHL 07 because this is the portable hockey game I wanted. NHL licensed, portable, awesome. I think the only problem I had with it is that this is 07. Not the new roster of players like there's no Luke Caputi or Reimer on the Leafs. I would hope that EA Sports starts up in making hockey games for PSP (or now, Vita) cause I would really like to have a Vancouver vs Boston battle for the cup game on the go. NHL 07 is getting a 9 out of 10.

Now as for NHL 11, I love it. The game looks beautiful. The few problems I have with NHL 11 is that there a few glitches that happen here and there, like when Luongo has the puck, he'll like shoot it from his glove and it'll go all the way to the other side of the rink. I call this "The Luongo Power Shot" The main thing I always play in NHL 11, other then quick play, is Battle for the Cup, which is a mode where you can do it in one game or 7 and you do like Vancouver and battle for the cup. I played the online once and it is fun, but I'm more of the "just get the puck and shoot at the net every chance you get" type of player. I did love the hits, they look like a hit from a real game. After seeing how EA sports is upping their game from NHL 11 to 12, I'm very excited for 12 but til then NHL 11 is getting a 9 out of 10.

It's aboot time the leafs won a cup, eh?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force (GBA) Review

May the force be portable.

I remember watching the original trilogy when I was younger. I loved the sci-fi around it, it really entertained me and I always thought Darth Vader was the greatest villain of all time. Fast forward a couple years and one of the last GBA games I got was Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force, which is all 3 original movies, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. What I love about it is it is TRUE to the movies, line for line, scene by scene, opening sequence of floating word by floating word, and the music isn't that bad either. Since this is a side scroller (it's a gba game) you can move left and right and you can also jump, attack, and use jedi force powers which is pretty cool. The story is told through still blue with photos from Luke's perspective and the more talking parts are done with the characters in-game. A few of the things I did hate were the random enemies, like when you're playing through the Endor levels, which for some reason feel like they never end, you are fighting bees and dogs. Why am I fighting dogs & bees and what does this have to do with Return of the Jedi, or Star Wars in general? Another thing is most of the levels feel like they never end, or they are a giant maze. Why is that? Just make it a simple go from one side to the other until you get to the end of the level. Not go in a door WHICH BLENDS IN WITH THE BACKGROUND!!! But with those flaws, I did have fun with Star Wars Trilogy. The force is decent in this one. Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force is getting a 7.5 out of 10.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Naughty Bear (Xbox 360) Review

It's Naughty Time!

Naughty Bear. What to say about it. When I first heard of this game, I was excited. This is a kind of game I've wanted to play for a while. Where you are the killer. Now the story is, you are Naughty Bear and the other bears are holding a party and Naughty Bear wasn't invited, so that is your motivation to go and kill...better yet, "finish" all the other bears off. You can do it however you like, either run in and kill or you can do it slowly and stealthy. I liked mixing it up here & there, it was all good fun. I thought sabotaging the phones and electricity was one of the most smartest things in the game. It really reminded me of the Friday the 13th movies but with teddy bears. One of the few things I didn't like about Naughty Bear was the camera felt a little loose and was going all over the place, the killing animations just repeat over and over and over again. Another thing is the difficulty, one chapter level feels like it's the easiest game ever and then when it's a level with the zombie bears, it feels like the difficulty goes up to impossible. Now when I got this game, DLC is already out and so I got my hands on the free DLC, which is another chapter and instead of killing zombie bears or army bears, you're killing super hero bears. I loved this because most of the easter eggs in here are nods to super heroes like X-Men, Hulk, Batman, and also notice the kryptonite in the background and around the area. I loved it but not for long because the game just repeats itself over. Now before I finish the review, I gotta talk about the online. I played an online mode once. ONCE. Do you know why? No one's playing this online! So if you find this cheap, like 10 bucks cheap, then yeah grab it. You'll have some fun but once you see it all and the game starts to repeat itself, the fun dies out. Naughty Bear for the Xbox 360 is a 6.5 out of 10. Maybe next time Naughty Bear, maybe next time.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (PSP Download) Review

Over a decade old and is it still great?

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped is probably one of the games I remember playing on the PlayStation 1 as a kid. I never did beat it and over the years, I lost the disc, all I can find now is the cover art. Crash Banndicoot 3: Warped came out on the PSN in 2008, one full decade after it came out on PS1, and it's still the same old game I used to play. Though 1 thing I noticed is that the game looks brighter, which is a great thing. One thing that bothered me was all the control schemes. I did slowly get used to one of the control schemes and I eventually found the kid in me was having fun again. Going from level to level, which seem shorter & easier now that I'm an older & a bit of a better gamer but the nostalgia was there which I loved. Everything is the same, from the audio to the bonus stages. I even liked how the old PS1 logo & sound came up when I started the game up. I loved Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped on Playstation 1 and I still love it on my PSP. Crash 3 is a 10 out of 10.

- Just realized, and added all my reviews up, this is my 100th video game review! -

Age of Zombies (PSP Download) Review

Zombies in time. Minus the DeLorean.

Age of Zombies is a game you can download from the PSN for 5 bucks and for 5 bucks, you get an awesome little game. 1 thing I really enjoyed about Age of Zombies was how funny it was, the story is told through what the characters are saying in text and the main guy, Barry Steakfries, feels like he is a Duke Nukem wanna be in the making, and to me, that was a good thing. The game kinda reminded me of Geometry Wars, because you move with either the d-pad or the analog stick and you shoot with the buttons, this game would have been a lot better if Sony had put in the 2nd analog stick but half the time, it was something that didn't really bother me. Now there's only 5 or 6 levels, my favourite was the 1930s. All of the worlds/levels were cool but the 1930s just got to me, and thats another thing I loved about AoZ was each time zone had its own zombies, like Egypt had mummy zombies, 1930s had gangster zombies & the screen fills up with zombies fast & with the blood and brains going everywhere, I loved this game! For 5 bucks, you really get your moneys worth here. Zombie fans looking to get a new taste of killing the undead, buy Age of Zombies when the PSN goes back up. Halfbrick Studios, please consider on making a sequel, maybe in the sequel there could be Nazi Zombies? Age of Zombies is getting an 8.5 out of 10.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (360) Review

Does this cross the finish line?

I remember playing Need for Speed 2 on the Playstation 1 back when I was a kid. Need for Speed 2 became one of my favourite racing games of all time and when I heard they were rebooting the NFS franchise, I jumped for joy when I heard Hot Pursuit would be going back to the roots of Need For Speed. Fast, exotic cars that I can never afford in exotic locations. This game brings A LOT to that. There's a hell of a lot of cars to unlock all in an open world environment. This kinda reminded me of Burnout Paradise mainly because of how beautiful the game looks. This is, to me, one of the best looking games I've seen. The graphics are the best part of the game's experience, I really have this sense of speed going down a road in the desert. The controls are simple to learn, which is always great. The online is also amazing, I spent more time playing the game online then I did offline, there was always a match found in like less then a minute. Now, I did buy the DLC for this, the 2 new game modes, the regular races but with weapons, I thought was a much needed mode before the DLC came out and the other one, with cops and racers and the cops got to catch the "Most Wanted" player, I thought was pretty cool but the thing I didn't like was not a lot of people were playing the new DLC when I got it, considering I got the DLC the day it came out. But in the end, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a GREAT addition to any racing game fan or anyone out there wanting a new racing game or people just getting into racing games. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is my personal favourite game of all time. It's a 10 out of 10.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Guitar Hero: On Tour Series (DS/DS Lite) Review

The Trilogy of Portable Rock

Guitar Hero: On Tour, the first one, came out way back in June 2008 and I remember when I bought it, I bought it day one and I was with my brother and one of my friends. Back then, I thought it was how I pictured a portable Guitar Hero game. The graphics look like Guitar Hero 3, just toned down since it's on the DS but it still looks pretty good for a DS game. Now just a heads up, if you have a DSi, DSi XL or the 3DS, you can't play these, these games are for those who have a DS or a DS lite and still play it. So continuing on the first On Tour, the soundtrack, it includes songs from Guitar Hero 3 and a few ones exclusive to the game but with the downloadable content for music games now, most of these songs are probably available for either Rock Band or Guitar Hero. But I did like how it wasn't all songs from Guitar Hero 3, all 3 games have around 25 songs. Now for controls, you put in a guitar grip into the gba slot and then you got the guitar controls, and then you get a pick stylus, which I still think is pretty cool and you strum on the touch screen. I actually played through a few songs again and I still think it's a great DS game but after playing Rock Band 3 or LEGO Rock Band which are more fun because of it's addiction. Guitar Hero: On Tour for DS is getting a 7.5 out of 10. 

Now the second one, Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades, to me is the best one of the 3 games and it's because of its soundtrack. It soundtrack includes 5 songs from the 70s, 5 songs from the 80s, 5 songs from the 90s and 5 songs from the 2000s and then 3 bonus songs. The only thing I didn't like was maybe one or two songs from the 2000s but other then that, this was the On Tour title I had the most fun with, the graphics look a little nicer but still the same as the first one. Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades is getting an 8.5 out of 10.

Finally, Guitar Hero: On Tour: Modern Hits was the last one to come out and I had some fun with it, the soundtrack was alright, even though the soundtrack is all 2000s, I had fun playing songs like The Metal and Half-Truism. The thing I noticed is, is that the way the career played was like Rock Band, you play a song and then after the song, you get fans & money. I thought that was a little cheap and I didn't think that was a great career, I prefer how Guitar Hero did the career for the other 2 DS games, pick a character, and then play songs at a venue, unlock 5 new songs, play that, and continue on til the end. The graphics still look like Guitar Hero 3 and by the time I was playing this, I was playing Guitar Hero 5 for the 360. So the last one, I had fun but not as much fun, and even though there's the saying "Always end on a high note", the DS rock trilogy didn't end on a high note which means Guitar Hero: On Tour: Modern Hits is getting a 6.0 out of 10.

Out of all portable music games, your best bet is to get either LEGO Rock Band or Rock Band 3 since you can play that on any DS system, but if you still play your original DS or DS lite then give one of these a shot.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Mobile Phone) Review

Get chased by the cops on the go.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has to be one of my favourite games of all time (the console review for NFS: HP will come up soon) and when I saw that the mobile version was on sale for 5 bucks, since it's a 7 dollar game, I thought, ok, it's a port, this is going to be meh or it is going to be bad. It is neither, it is really good. The graphics look really good and after playing Asphalt 4 for my phone, Need for Speed looks a LOT better. There are no car sounds, there's only the one theme that plays over & over. For controls, if you're playing as a racer, then there's a left & right button to steer and then if you're a cop, there's the left & right, a road block button & a spike button.  Now I had only one problem with the controls, you have to touch above the button. Not on the button, just above it. There's no multiplayer, no online. It's just a one player, when you're at school or at work and you need your Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit fix. The menus look like it popped right out of the console version and that's a good thing. But once you beat the game, if you're like me, you're only going to come back to it once in a while. With that, it's a good port but I just wish the game had a little more replayability. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for mobile phone is getting a 7.0 out of 10.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Super Meat Boy (Xbox Live Arcade) Review

Oh, there's a lot of meat to go around.

Super Meat Boy is possibly one of THE hardest games I have ever played. I've played alot of portable & console games but Super Meat Boy takes the cake for being the most challenging game ever. But I didn't stay mad at it because of it's INCREDIBLE music and great graphics. Now, one of the best parts I loved about Super Meat Boy was all the homages to classic games, like one warp zone was done like you were playing SMB on a original Game Boy. I loved all the classic game nods & homages but I think the best part, and I already said it was INCREDIBLE. The music is great! The Lil Slugger Theme is great! It's my favourite theme out of the rest of the game's music. "teh internets" levels feel like they are impossible though, I only got past 2 or 3 of them. With the unlockables, I unlocked 3 or 4 characters and all of them feel different and that's a good thing.
The controls are easy to learn, it's just A to jump and you move left & right. It's that easy. But it's all the needles or salt (which kinda looks like a certain drug) or the flying ... I don't know what they're called but they are flying heads and they kept killing me. Over. and over. and over. again.
You can clearly see this game has alot of love & care in it and it's the game's charm that made me come back to beat a few more levels before giving up again. Super Meat Boy, I still haven't beaten you but one day, I will and I will NEVER even begin to try to get the 100% achievement. That's just crazy. Super Meat Boy, to me you're an 8.5 out of 10. Great game!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rock Band Unplugged (PSP) Review

I love rock and roll to go

Rock Band Unplugged is the first of the three portable Rock Band games. LEGO rock band on DS was 2nd and Rock Band 3 for DS was the last one. Now Rock Band Unplugged feels more like the Rock Band game I want to take on the go, what with the 40 song setlist it has, downloadable songs, the soundtrack is great, even though it does feel like a "Best of Rock Band 2 & RB DLC". The soundtrack includes songs like Pinball Wizard, More Than A Feeling, Livin' On A Prayer, Miss Murder. One of the problems I had with the soundtrack was I didn't like a song here & there and if they were using songs from Rock Band 2, why not use songs from the first Rock Band? I wouldn't mind playing some of those songs on the go. Even though this game has no new or exclusive songs, I didn't really mind it. I thought of it more as Rock Band 2 minus 80-something songs from Rock Band 2. One thing I love about Rock Band Unplugged and still do is how great this game looks. 
Even though it's toned down from the consoles, on the PSP, it still looks really good and the gameplay of having all 4 instruments. I loved it. I also loved that if one instrument was failing, the audio for just that instrument will start to fade. The game does have DLC, which makes it MORE like Rock Band then the DS Rock Band titles  but there's no multiplayer, which is one thing the Rock Band franchise is known for, but I did really enjoy that there was no multiplayer cause when I play music games, I usually play by myself and one thing I will not buy from the store is Know Your Enemy by Green Day. Why that song? Why not 21 Guns? Also Harmonix, please get back to getting more songs for Rock Band Unplugged, it's a great game, I'll buy DLC for it, I already got 5 songs off the store for it and I'm most likely going to get more when the time comes. I would like to see more songs for the store, let Rock Band live long on the PSP. Rock Band Unplugged is a 20 dollar game, it's worth EVERY penny. Rock Band Unplugged is getting a 9.0 out of 10.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Namco Museum: Battle Collection (PSP) Review

Retro to go

Namco Museum: Battle Collection for the PSP is a good game but after coming off of Namco Museum for the 360, this feels a little light to me. This is satisfying. You get about 20 arcade games & 4 "arrangement" games, which is pretty much a classic game with a few updates here & there, mostly in the graphics, the gameplay is still true to the original game though. The 4 arrangement games you get are Pac-Man Arrangement, Galaga Arrangement, New Rally-X Arrangement & Dig Dug Arrangement. I didn't mind the arrangements, but I did however love playing New Rally-X Arrangement, I think it was probably my favourite out of the 4 arrangement games there. Now with the actual arcade games, there's Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Tower of Druaga, Mappy. I played almost all of these games, I surprisingly enjoyed Dragon Buster but it did have its problems but I did enjoy myself. I always enjoy playing these old Namco games, they're a treat for me. The only game I didn't enjoy because I can't stand it is Rolling Thunder, it's just my least favourite of the Namco games. There is 1 - 4 multiplayer but I didn't get a chance to play it. The menu did feel a bit light, like I wish they did a little more with the menus and after since I came off of Namco Museum for the 360, this package here feels light, there's no Championship Edition and where's Sky Kid? Sky Kid is one of my favourites and also after coming off of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Review for that one soon, look out for that), going back to the original Pac-Man & it's arrangement is fun and all but I honest to God just want to play Championship Edition DX on the go now. Battle Collection is a good collection, except for Rolling Thunder, and after coming off of the 360 Namco Museum and Championship Edition DX, I think Namco has to up their Museum game. Namco Museum: Battle Collection for the PSP is getting a 7.5 out of 10.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pocket God (iTouch) Review

You are a God among men.

Pocket God is really, a simple game. There's an island, you play as God and put these little creatures down on it when you push the + button. I haven't played the game in about a week or so, but if I remember, I think you can have about 6 - 8 little creatures on the island at one time. The little creatures are fun to watch, they fish, they sleep, it's fun to watch and to me, the game showed all the charm in these little buggers. What is sad, but also very fun, is flicking them into a volcano or letting the shark eat them. The game is usually updating, so there's more to do with the game and that I thought was really cool cause the game can get a little boring at times, but thank God that I heard the updates add in new things like one of the updates added in whenever you swipe your finger across the sky, there's a double rainbow or this other one, there's a running through hell, getting a high score mini-game. All of it, was cute & charming and I really loved that about the game. The only problem I had with the game is maybe one or two touch screen problems here & there. But with all the charm & cuteness of the game and with the game updates adding in new things, I had fun playing Pocket God on the iPod Touch and I hope you will too. Pocket God on the iPod Touch is getting a 7.5 out of 10.