Monday, December 12, 2011

The Incredible Hulk (Movie) Review

I find it sad that this is the only Hulk related review I'm doing over the course of this Avengers week but oh well, what are ya gunna do. The movie is a reboot to the Eric Bana Hulk movie which I thought was ok, the problem I had with that movie was it was there was too much story but here there was more action and I did enjoy the action, this is a better Hulk movie but again this movie falls like the Iron Man movie, there just wasn't enough from the final boss fight. I wish there was more. The acting from everyone was great, Edward Norton was great as Banner and half the movie is pretty much him running. Way to keep in shape. Again, nice little bit to nod to The Avengers movie. I did enjoy this movie, it's worth watching so check it out!

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