Thursday, December 15, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (Movie) Review

If you read my Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty for iOS review, you already know that I wasn't impressed with this movie. Now first off, I will say I wasn't impressed with the movie because Captain America just bores me. The action is ok and the acting is decent. Hugo Weaving was great as Red Skull and looked really cool, thanks to make up and special effects and what not.
I did really like how the world looked in the 40's and how Tony Stark's father played a bit in this. That I thought was really cool. The guy they got to play Stark's dad did look a bit like Robert Downey Jr a bit, which is cool. But in the end, I dozed in and out of this movie. The main highlight of the movie for me was when Captain America woke up in modern times and is approached by Nick Fury. That was the movie for me. Everything else was ok but just so boring. That being said, I can only recommend Captain America: The First Avenger if you wanna know the origins about the Captain or if you're hyping up for the Avengers next year.

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