Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Iron Man 2 (iOS) Review

For 5 bucks you can feel like Iron Man, but it's mainly worth it for the flying. The game does look pretty good, like it looks like a playstation 1 game and that's always a good thing with me. The audio is great because Robert Downey Jr comes in to do voice work for Tony Stark, the new guy that plays Rhodes comes in, and it's good that the game has the cast of the movie. It's better then having a badly voiced Tony Stark. It loosely follows the movie, I don't know if you fight Whiplash, I haven't gotten there yet though because the game keeps kicking my ass with its repetitive enemies and sometimes unresponsive controls, like I would like to turn but for some reason he's shooting a laser from his chest. Just why? I want to TURN! NOT SHOOT! 
If Gameloft worked on the controls, I can recommend this a lot easier BUT if you do wanna play Iron Man 2, just wait til it's on sale. It's Christmas, it's probably on sale now or should be soon.

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