Monday, November 21, 2011

Age of Zombies (iPod Touch) Review

From the PSP to the iPod, is killing zombies in time still fun?
 When I played Age of Zombies back on the PSP, I was delighted with its humour, charm, gameplay and the amount of zombies. Oh, many zombie brains went splat. Now I didn't know this was out on the App store until a few days ago, so I bought it, it is only 2.99, it's cheaper on the App store where its 5 dollars on the PSP. Either way, it's worth it. It's the exact same game though, other then I noticed a few new weapons like the buzz saw and I got the hoverboard for free. The reason it is better to buy Age of Zombies on the iTouch is the controls! On PSP, a duel stick shooter does not work because of the only stick and buttons. You can tell the game is meant for dual sticks. On the iTouch, you place your finger anywhere each side for either moving the guy around or shooting your weapon. Because of this one little control switch here made me enjoy the game so so much more then the first time. The charm & humour is still there, it's just been done better by controls. 
 I highly recommend this to any zombie fan or any dual stick shooter fans, this is a terrific game! You're not going to go wrong with Age of Zombies on the iTouch. Halfbrick you really a great job on Age of Zombies, and here's to hoping we see Age of Zombies 2 hopefully.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) Review

Who wants to upgrade their childhood?
 Super Mario 3D Land is here and holy crap! It is a mix of a few Mario games, the main ones at least, and it is still it's own game at the end of the level. It is if the original Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 3, Mario 64 & Super Mario Galaxy all had one baby, this would be it. Nintendo really keep their promise on this one, the 3D is really good. It does give the levels depth, but at other times, the 3D can be REALLY good. Like pop out the screen good. The gameplay really reminded me of other 3D Mario games like Galaxy & 64. There are some levels that are more side-scroller-ish and play out like a 2D side scrolling Mario game and instead of being like Mario 64 and getting gold coins at the end of a level, this game uses the flagpole at the end of the level so it's easier. All these are good things. The music is my favourite part about this, the music is either redone tunes we've all heard before or some still the same. Some levels go from really easy to really challenging but it's not too challenging and you'll fly through the game in a few hours. There is a street pass feature which does show replayability, but alot of the levels show alot of replayability on it's own, what with 3 gold coins to collect in every level. Some are easy to find & get & others are too hard to figure out where they're hiding. 
Now back to the 3D, even without the 3D this is an excellent Mario game but since it has the 3D it makes it all better and again, it mainly gives the levels depth but the 3D can be really good at times. Pop out the screen good. That being said, if you own a 3DS then you own this game. If you own a 3DS and don't own this game then go out and buy it right now! This is a great Mario game and this is the reason to buy a 3DS and this game. I highly recommend Super Mario 3D Land.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions (3DS) Review

6 games, 4 old and 2 new plus a mini movie. Is it worth 40 bucks?

 In this collection of games,there are 4 old games that just about everyone has already played & 2 new ones. The two new ones are Pac-Man Tilt, a Mario-ish 2D side scroller that uses the tilt features in the 3DS and this is the only game that doesn't show off the 3D. I didn't like this game one bit, in order to do some things in this game, you gotta tilt your 3DS and it's cool that it's using other features other then the 3D but I just didn't have fun tilting my 3DS like an idiot to get through these levels. The other new game is Galaga 3D Impact, it is a first person, on rail shooter type of game and the enemies are the classic Galaga baddies and this is one game that shows off the 3D pretty cool and it reminds me of the Star Wars arcade game and that's a good thing. The other 4 games include Pac-Man Championship Edition, great game and it looks really cool in 3D. Galaga Legions, this is a pretty challenging remake & then the last two are the originals of Pac-Man & Galaga but along with these 6 games, there's a Pac-Man 3D mini movie and it's cool cause it's kinda like a short movie you see at a pixar movie but it's SO bad because Pac-man sounds like a kid and it is just incredibly stupid and the 3D is decent on it. There are online and offline score rankings which do help the title but all in all, this is just a cash-in game and I can't really say more about it.

I can only recommend this if you're a Pac-Man & Galaga fanatic and wanna see this in the 3rd dimension, then get it. If you like getting collection games, this ones okay, you'll have fun with at least 4 of the games in here. But other then that, I don't really see a legit reason in buying this. Maybe if the price went down to like 10, 15 bucks then get it but for now, at it's 40 dollar price tag. Just wait.

Friday, November 11, 2011

5 Mario Games to get you hyped for Super Mario 3D Land

To celebrate Mario's 3D adventure, here's a list of 5 of my favourite Mario games that gets me (and possibly you) excited for the new 3D adventure.

- Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time & Bowser's Inside Story (DS)

Now even though I haven't started Bowser's Inside Story yet, I do love Partners in Time alot. It is my all time favourite portable Mario game and it's the closest I'll ever play to a rpg. Partners in Time has a charm to it, all the characters are funny and the way they interact with each other is perfect. It's got humor, it's got simple controls & it's addictive.

4 - NEW Super Mario Bros. (DS)

To me, this game is a huge nod and thank you to the original Super Mario Bros game.

3 - Super Mario 64 (DS/N64) 

Now whether you play this on the DS or N64, I only got to play it on the DS, this game is what Mario would be in 3D. Not pop out of the screen 3D, this is Mario in a 3D world and I do love how Nintendo did it. They did it right. 

2 - Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Now if you remember back when I did my Top 10 of the year, Super Mario Galaxy was numero uno on the list because it was and still is my favourite Mario game. ever. The only thing I have bad to say about it is the Wii-mote feels awkward in my hand when I play it.

1 - Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario Bros. 3

Now these are kinda a given, if it hadn't been for the first Super Mario Bros, we wouldn't have Mario 3, Galaxy or 3D Land. Now I say the original because well it's the original! Nothing beats the original unless the sequel is truly saying words over. 

That being said, Mario 3.
This has everything the original had and added so much more to it. The one thing it has which no other Mario game has, except 3D Land, is the Tanooki suit. Now ever since Mario 3, every gamer thinks of flying whenever they see a raccoon. I know I do.