Friday, January 13, 2012

Batman: Under the Red Hood (Movie) Review

Batman: Under the Red Hood is an animated feature that came out in 2010 and it is very dark. This is not for kids. This takes some of the Batman comic story arcs and mixes them into an animated feature. There's familiar characters such as Joker & Ra's al Ghul. Then there's characters I've never heard of before like Nightwing & Black Mask but I really didn't care that I didn't know them. I was too entertained by the film.
The cast is great and John DiMaggio does a really good job as the Joker, at some points he sounds like Heath Ledger and at other times he sounds like Mark Hamill and the rest of the time he sounds like John DiMaggio. The animation is really great and really reminded me of the Batman animated series.
If you're looking for a Batman film as dark as The Dark Knight, then this is your answer. You won't be disappointed with Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Batman Begins & The Dark Knight (Movie) Reviews

Batman Begins is a great start to the Christopher Nolan Batman films. Christopher Nolan's take on Batman is realistic and believable. Like if one guy was a billionaire and wanted to protect his city, this is how it would go down.
Now do I really need to talk about the Dark Knight? I think everyone has seen this movie at least 5 times and I think everyone loves this movie. If you don't love the Dark Knight then what's wrong with you?
Everything in both movies are incredible, the acting, the special effects, the writing, the costumes, just everything in both movies are outstanding. Without a doubt you HAVE to watch both films and also watch them again! Hype yourself for The Dark Knight Rises like I did.

The Punisher (Movie) Review

The Punisher movie from 2004 is something completely different then any other Marvel super hero flick you will see. Instead of super powers or a high tech suit, The Punisher is just one man out to get revenge on the family that killed his family. Thomas Jane is perfect as Frank Castle and the rest of the cast also does a good job. That's the most I can say about this movie. It's a revenge flick. So if you like your revenge then I think you'll really enjoy this one.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Darkman (Movie) Review

Darkman was made by Sam Raimi, who directed the Spider-Man trilogy, so this is Raimi's early take at super hero films and the hero is more relatable to Batman. This is a very cheesy film, the acting is cheesy (well Liam Neeson is awesome in anything he does) the special effects are cheesy. This is a pure cheesy film and it's a hell of a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this one and if you don't mind some cheese in your film then I think you will enjoy this one.

The Spider-Man Trilogy (Movies) Review

The Spider-Man movies are my favourite super hero movies, they are done extremely well...well except for the third but we'll get to that when we get to that but the trilogy starts with Spider-Man and it's the origins of Peter Parker and how he gets the spider powers and I have to say I love the cast in it (all of them for that matter. Except for Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, that is a no) Everyone does their part very well and it's entertaining. The special effects are really good and the costumes are pretty cool. I don't really have any complaints about the first one. It's great and you should watch it if you're a spidey fan or not.
2 years later Spider-Man 2 came out and it kicks the first movies ass. Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus was perfect casting and also there is so much action and drama, this is what Spider-Man is about. I have absolutely no complaints on this one. It is one of my favourite movies of all time. Defiantly watch Spider-Man 2 no matter what.

Finally we get to Spider-Man 3. The movie not alot of people liked. Now, I liked it, it was ok. But there wasn't enough Venom, there should have been A LOT more Venom, they should have made him the main villain but I did like the back story they gave Sandman. Special effects are really incredible here and reminded me of the mummy movies (Seriously just watch a scene with Sandman and then put on the mummy, very similar special effects) and the dance scene...I don't even want to talk about how stupid that scene was. Lastly the back story they gave Sandman with Uncle Ben felt like a last minute addition and I didn't think the movie needed it but it is pretty cool. Like it's bad but it's not so bad. So if you're a Spidey fan, this is the weakest of the trilogy but I still do recommend it cause it's not very bad. It still has some good things going for it.

That being said that's the Spider-Man trilogy for you. 
Watch all of them for sure. The first two you will enjoy for sure and the third one...well that's up for you to decide. Watch it to see if you like it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

X-Men First Class (Movie) Review

Now I'm a decent X-men fan. I like them and I think they're awesome but this movie has some weird different mutants I'm not used to, except for Beast and the best cameo appearance from Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. But it doesn't take long for you to invest and like these characters. The characters are extremely likeable and are amazing on screen. The one thing I did love about the movie is the guys they got to play Xavier and Magneto. The chemistry with these two is just astonishing. The writing is incredible, the special effects are really amazing in this especially near the end of the movie. The chemistry between everyone is incredible but the chemistry between Xavier and Magneto in this one just stand out for me. It is really something. I say if you are like me and you're a decent X-men fan, you'll highly enjoy this movie. If you're a big X-men fan, you'll know these other mutants and you'll probably have a hell of a time. Even if you're not an X-men fan but you do enjoy watching movies, I assure you, you will enjoy this movie. I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top 10 Games of 2011

Here's a list (in a random order) of 10 of my favourite iOS, Xbox 360, 3DS/DS & PSP games (That I played this year).

10 - Temple Run (iOS) - I keep talking about this FREE game for a reason. It's the closest iOS is getting to an Uncharted game til God knows when. Pick it up!

9 - Rock Band Unplugged (PSP) - The first PSP game I picked up when I first got my PSP. I love the gameplay in this one. Addicting and fun and also good that there's some DLC songs for this one.

8 - Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) - This is a damn great Mario game. Great nods to the original and Mario 3 and Mario 64. On it's own, it is sure to be a classic Mario title.

7 - Batman Arkham City Lockdown (iOS) - If you don't have the time (or money) for the console version of Arkham City then be sure to pick up this title. It is short and it is fun. It may be a little tricky at times though.

6 - NHL 07 (PSP) - I always wanted an NHL game on the go. This is the best NHL on the go game I've played and I've only played 3 or 4. My only complaint is it's 07. I want NHL 12 on the go.

5 - Jackass the game (PSP) - You may not like that it's a mini game collection BUT you can make your own episodes/season of Jackass so what's not to love?

4 - Asphalt 3D (3DS) - The first 3D game I got for my 3DS and it's fun, even though the 3D is good at some points in the game. This game is good but you may want the 3D off.

3 - NHL 12 (Xbox 360) - It may feel like NHL 11 most of the time but the little tweaks and fixes here & there really help the game from being another NHL 11.

2 - Major League Baseball 2K11 (DS) - I played A LOT of portable baseball games, I like my baseball but this one takes the cake. Looks great, controls great and the audio is not that bad. I was very impressed with this one.

1 - Guitar Hero (iOS) - Even though this list is not in an order, this game would be number one anyway, it is my favourite game of 2011. Great flashy graphics, fun gameplay, it's better then the Rock Band iOS titles and DLC. No matter what this is MY Game of the Year!