Thursday, June 24, 2010

Battles of Prince of Persia (DS) Review

Just stick to Pokemon
This is one card game I could not get into, I played it only 3 times before giving up on it.
The only thing I think was good about it was the art style, other than that, this game is a pure stay away from.
The main problem I have with this game is that it's a CARD GAME. That's why I'm giving Battles of Prince of Persia a 1.5 out of 10. Don't even buy this if you see it for $5.

Prince Of Persia (Xbox 360) Review

Once I saw the Prince of Persia movie, that's what made me want to try some of the games. I give credit to one of my friends for letting me borrow the game and play it (you know who you are). Now about the game. I like the games cel-shaded graphics, they look cool & the game runs smoothly. The game's audio is sort of a hit & miss because some of the Prince's lines are funny and are entertaining but when it comes to a scream or a lot of repeated screaming...the audio will get to you. I mean this repeated screaming by the way when you're falling to death and the princess saves you and there's usually a scream coming from the prince. This problem comes a lot from the camera. It doesn't stay still at the area you need to get at, and I ended up turning off the game multiple times because I couldn't find a way to get to the other side or because the prince's girly scream for help really got to me. Don't get me started on the controls, it was another hit & miss, like the running across the walls to jumping from pole to pole, that worked but some of the fighting was weird and didn't feel right. I wanted to like Prince of Persia, but it turns out I didn't. I'm giving the Prince of Persia a 6.5 out of 10. Oh and the story was really "out there" too.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Top Ten Songs With Keyboard or Piano That Should Be In RockBand 3's Setlist

Well, what with all the RockBand 3 information that got loose these past few days, we now know there's now a new plastic instrument heading to living rooms everywhere this holiday season. So to let the new plastic instrument it's welcome, here's a list of the top ten songs that has a GOOD keyboard or piano part in it and should be in RockBand 3's setlist. It was kinda hard because half the songs I know with piano or keyboard are Beatles, but don't worry. There's no Beatles in here.

10 - In My Life by Ozzy Osbourne

9 - Superman (It's Not Easy) by Five For Fighting

8 - The Future Never Dies by The Scorpions

7 - Time Of The Seasons by The Zombies

6 - Dreams by Van Halen

5 - Love Reign O'er Me by The Who

4 - Tiny Dancer by Elton John

3 - Come Sail Away by Styx

2 - Hold The Line by Toto

1 - Layla by Derek and the Dominos

Thursday, June 10, 2010

AlphaBounce (DSiWare) Review

Two genres in a blender. The outcome is alright.
They are mad over there at Mad Monkey Studios. AlphaBounce is the DSiWare title where the game is the old block breaking, arkanoid game but with RPG elements. It's only 500 points, and the developers are claiming there is over a million. But either way if there's hundreds, thousands, whatever. This game is decent. I'm not too hardcore about the whole RPG but it sold me at it's two genres in one and I'm always in too try a game if it's multiple genres blended into one. Take a look at Brutal Legend. But what happens in AlphaBounce is you are a prisoner and with you can choose between one of 3 prisoners (The third one is hard and you have to unlock him) and a few problems I had with this game is it gets really out of control, like some of the power-ups, one of them is Whiskey, and it turns the ball (balls is you have multi-ball going on) and there's a yellow line behind them and they fly all over the place like they're drunk! I loved this power up but one thing that pissed me off is it got too hard too stop all of them. Like any RPG, you can upgrade your ship, yes the paddle is your ship. You go through levels, upgrade, crap happens, and I still haven't beaten the game yet. One day I will. But for now I like AlphaBounce. I don't love it, I like it. I think the good people over there at Mad Monkey Studios should make another game with two games in the blender and see what happens. Maybe a Mortal Kombat and RockBand ripoff blended game....or maybe not. But for now, I'm giving AlphaBounce on the DSi a 7.5 out of 10. Or maybe a Grand Theft Auto & a Mario blend....nevermind.

The Oregon Trail (DSiWare) Review

Are we there yet?
The Oregon Trail has been on the DSi Shop for a while and I finally got around to playing it and it is a pretty awesome surprise. It looks like it popped out of a Looney Tunes cartoon and you start out on the east side of America with 5 family members. You got to make it to the West side of America. The controls are really simple, it's all touch based and there are options on what you want to do. You could rest for 1 - 3 days, you could run, walk or power-walk. Your family will get tired and you will have to stop, you can get food by playing mini-games, or if your wagon breaks down, another mini-game. Some of the mini-games are fun while others feel like there unplayable. There's some voice work and a wild west tune that repeats. You could either hear it very fast when you run or very slow when your walking. But don't walk it all the way, you have one of 3 months to start in, either March, May or June. If you start in June, then don't be taking your time. You got to make it to the end before November. I played this twice, I started in May, made it in November. The second time I started in March and my whole family died. I started a new game recently and I started in June and I know I'm not gunna make it in time for November, but then again I shouldn't have walked it so much. For a game that feels small, you get a lot of replayibility. You could play this over and over again and it'll still be fun. You can take photos whenever you get to a certain point on your journey, you talk to some of history's most famous like Abraham Lincoin. What's even cooler is that this is based on a real trail that actually existed in America back in the day and on some of the loading screens, which take to long to load, there are facts about the trail and some of the famous people you meet on it. For 800 Nintendo Points, this is a pretty awesome package. Yes, it does have a few downs, but it makes up for it in how much fun it is. This is probably the closest thing to Red Dead Redemption that the DSi Shop or the DS will see until Rockstar games makes a portable Red Dead or someone makes a Mature rated Wild West game like Red Dead for Nintendo's handheld. But until then, The Oregon Trail is getting an 8 out of 10.

Split/Second (Xbox 360) Review

If Michael Bay played with Hot Wheels.
To me, Burnout Paradise is the greatest racing game ever, 10 out of 10.
Split/Second isn't the next Burnout Paradise but it is pretty damn close. The graphics are beautiful and it's amazing to look at. Even the crashes are always fun to see. The controls are simple, the left stick moves your car left & right, the right trigger is your gas, the a & b button sets off powerplays. Powerplays can either be earned during a race by either drifting or drafting. One type of powerplay can destory the competition, the other switches routes. It is always awesome to see towers come down, planes crashing down. Always fun. Possibly one of my favourite things about Split/Second is the achievements you unlock, there's the decal of it on your car. You get a 12 episode season (because Split/Second is a TV show) and the whole it's a TV show to me is getting old, I mean alot of games, some recently, have done this and it's getting old. Alan Wake, Alone in the Dark, Split/Second, and there's more to name. But in each episode you get 5 different races or mode to do, there are a few different modes, Survival, Air Strike, Air Revenge, Elimination, Race. Air Revenge is the best one, which is where you and a helicopter go at it and you have to bring down the helicopter. The offline two player split screen is also fun as well and will keep you & your friends playing for a while. Hopefully there will be a second one and there will be more tracks that don't intertwine like the tracks in here. Split/Second is a lot of fun, and for those who like either a good racer, Burnout Paradise or a Michael Bay movie, will love Split/Second. I'm giving Split/Second a 9.0 out of 10.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brutal Legend (Xbox 360) Review

It's a long way to metal.
Brutal Legend is possibly one the most awesome games ever thought up by anyone. It blends together game genres like action/adventure, real-time strategy, rhythm. The real reason why anyone should get this game is for it's audio & story. This games audio is just about perfect. When you're doing a mission, there is a song playing and it fits perfectly with what's going on. Or if you're driving around you could just play what's on the in-game radio. The better part of the audio is the voice work, not only is Jack Black funny and entertaining in the game, the rest of the characters are entertaining and the voice work is just about perfect. The story starts out at a concert for a band that Eddie Riggs, the character you play, and it all goes to hell when Eddie's blood is leaked onto his belt buckle and this hellish looking creature takes him to the heavy metal world. The opening I think is the best opening to any game. I really liked the games graphics, they're awesome and while playing some of the story missions, I swear I've heard a story like this before, but near the end there were turns I didn't see coming. But yes, if you haven't played this awesome mix of humour, amazing audio & a good mixture of gameplay from 2009, what are you waiting for? This game is INCREDIBLE!!! I'm giving this headbangin' good time a 9.5 out of 10. The only problem I think I really had with this game was it got a little challenging near the end.