Thursday, June 10, 2010

Split/Second (Xbox 360) Review

If Michael Bay played with Hot Wheels.
To me, Burnout Paradise is the greatest racing game ever, 10 out of 10.
Split/Second isn't the next Burnout Paradise but it is pretty damn close. The graphics are beautiful and it's amazing to look at. Even the crashes are always fun to see. The controls are simple, the left stick moves your car left & right, the right trigger is your gas, the a & b button sets off powerplays. Powerplays can either be earned during a race by either drifting or drafting. One type of powerplay can destory the competition, the other switches routes. It is always awesome to see towers come down, planes crashing down. Always fun. Possibly one of my favourite things about Split/Second is the achievements you unlock, there's the decal of it on your car. You get a 12 episode season (because Split/Second is a TV show) and the whole it's a TV show to me is getting old, I mean alot of games, some recently, have done this and it's getting old. Alan Wake, Alone in the Dark, Split/Second, and there's more to name. But in each episode you get 5 different races or mode to do, there are a few different modes, Survival, Air Strike, Air Revenge, Elimination, Race. Air Revenge is the best one, which is where you and a helicopter go at it and you have to bring down the helicopter. The offline two player split screen is also fun as well and will keep you & your friends playing for a while. Hopefully there will be a second one and there will be more tracks that don't intertwine like the tracks in here. Split/Second is a lot of fun, and for those who like either a good racer, Burnout Paradise or a Michael Bay movie, will love Split/Second. I'm giving Split/Second a 9.0 out of 10.

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