Thursday, June 10, 2010

AlphaBounce (DSiWare) Review

Two genres in a blender. The outcome is alright.
They are mad over there at Mad Monkey Studios. AlphaBounce is the DSiWare title where the game is the old block breaking, arkanoid game but with RPG elements. It's only 500 points, and the developers are claiming there is over a million. But either way if there's hundreds, thousands, whatever. This game is decent. I'm not too hardcore about the whole RPG but it sold me at it's two genres in one and I'm always in too try a game if it's multiple genres blended into one. Take a look at Brutal Legend. But what happens in AlphaBounce is you are a prisoner and with you can choose between one of 3 prisoners (The third one is hard and you have to unlock him) and a few problems I had with this game is it gets really out of control, like some of the power-ups, one of them is Whiskey, and it turns the ball (balls is you have multi-ball going on) and there's a yellow line behind them and they fly all over the place like they're drunk! I loved this power up but one thing that pissed me off is it got too hard too stop all of them. Like any RPG, you can upgrade your ship, yes the paddle is your ship. You go through levels, upgrade, crap happens, and I still haven't beaten the game yet. One day I will. But for now I like AlphaBounce. I don't love it, I like it. I think the good people over there at Mad Monkey Studios should make another game with two games in the blender and see what happens. Maybe a Mortal Kombat and RockBand ripoff blended game....or maybe not. But for now, I'm giving AlphaBounce on the DSi a 7.5 out of 10. Or maybe a Grand Theft Auto & a Mario blend....nevermind.

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