Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 10 - DSiWare Games of 2010 So Far (Notice)

Well, we're well into 2010 and the DSi Shop gets stronger (and sometimes weaker) every Monday to North America when we go into it's DSi Shop. This is why Today (Tuesday, April 6) I'm going to post the Top 10 DSiWare Games of 2010 So Far. I will do a second one in August and one final one in December. The one in December really counts though. These two are just for fun & to let you know what's the best in the DSi my opinion. I would have loved to put Photo Dojo in this one coming up but since it wasn't in Monday's Downloads, it will for sure be in the second one.
Best of Luck and hopefully the game you enjoy most is in this Top 10.

Game & Watch Judge (DSiWare) Review

The 3rd Game & Watch game I downloaded off the DSiWare shop & played. This is my least favourite of the 3 because of it's gameplay. But everything else is good. The graphics are 2 stick people with signs over their heads and their holding hammers. You play the stick person on the right and whoever has the higher number on their sign hits the other person before they back off. It is pretty much Rock, Paper, Scissors but with numbers & hammers. The audio & controls are simple and not much. You get high scores, time, game & 2 difficulties. But it's gameplay just isn't that fun. I'm giving Game & Watch Judge for DSi a 5.5 out of 10. Just get Mario's Cement Factory out of the three.

Game & Watch Chef (DSiWare) Review

For the 2nd Game & Watch game I downloaded. This is fun but disappointing at the same time.
In chef, you play a chef and you got to keep the food in the air without it touching the floor, mess up three times & game over. It's fun, controls are simple, graphics are the same, but this is the second Game & Watch game I think that should have an update in graphics. You get the same deal here as you do in Mario's Cement Factory. A game, 2 difficulties, time, high scores, 200 points. I'm giving Game & Watch Chef a 7 out of 10. Good but not good enough.

Game & Watch Mario's Cement Factory (DSiWare) Review

The 1980s are back...for 200 points a piece.
Game & Watch was a line of electronic handheld games through the 80's. It included a game, a clock and an alarm. Game & Watch. Three were released not to long ago on the North American DSiWare Shop. So first up is Mario's Cement Factory. In Mario's Cement Factory, you play...Mario...obliviously and the object of the game is to get the cement from the top of both sides into both trucks, there's no end so you just keep going until you lose and the cement is all over one of the truck drivers. The gameplay here is addicting and fun. There are high scores. The audio & graphics make the game feel like you're in the 80's. It's no 3D, colourful game. All it is, is 2D mostly in black. You get 2 different modes, Mode A and B. B is just more difficult than A. You do get the time in here, but not while you're playing the game. Which sucks. One thing they should have included in this game is an update in graphics, so you see a 2.5D (Look at New Super Mario Bros. for DS) view of things. But one can only dream. 200 points, this is my favourite Game & Watch game so far. I'm giving Mario's Cement Factory for DSi an 8.5 out of 10.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Globulos Party (DSiWare) Review

A surprisingly charming party.
Globulos Party is a mini-game collection on the DSiWare shop which you can download for 500 points.
I first thought this game would have been another bad mini-game collection, but it's got 20 mini-games in it, which is alright, considering some are alot of fun while some of the other games make you think why is this here?
If you think you won't like this game, you can head on over to the website ( ) & play all the games from the DSi version and play there. But because I grew to like some of these games, I wanna play them on the go, so obliviously I'll be playing some of these mini-games again. The controls are touch only, you get a team of 3 of your round little balls and you make them go around the arena, depending on what sport you're playing, you do different things, but a few of them play out the same. But it made it simpler and each sport did a decent job at making it fun. It's audio plays when you're going around in the menus and made me feel like I was playing a Kirby game, but when you are playing the actual mini-game, it's audio is all nature sounds, I heard dogs barking, frogs ribbiting, and so on. You do get multiplayer which is a nice touch, you get 2 players on the same system, DS download play & DS wireless play. But as I say about alot of DSiWare games, I wish there was Wi-Fi multiplayer and I would have loved this game alot more. So let's see: charming, colourful graphics, simple controls, it's audio is a little under average, 20 mini-games, 5 bucks. I'm giving Globulos Party on the DSi a 7.5 out of 10. Go to the website to see if you like it. I was charmed, maybe you will be too.