Sunday, March 21, 2010

Globulos Party (DSiWare) Review

A surprisingly charming party.
Globulos Party is a mini-game collection on the DSiWare shop which you can download for 500 points.
I first thought this game would have been another bad mini-game collection, but it's got 20 mini-games in it, which is alright, considering some are alot of fun while some of the other games make you think why is this here?
If you think you won't like this game, you can head on over to the website ( ) & play all the games from the DSi version and play there. But because I grew to like some of these games, I wanna play them on the go, so obliviously I'll be playing some of these mini-games again. The controls are touch only, you get a team of 3 of your round little balls and you make them go around the arena, depending on what sport you're playing, you do different things, but a few of them play out the same. But it made it simpler and each sport did a decent job at making it fun. It's audio plays when you're going around in the menus and made me feel like I was playing a Kirby game, but when you are playing the actual mini-game, it's audio is all nature sounds, I heard dogs barking, frogs ribbiting, and so on. You do get multiplayer which is a nice touch, you get 2 players on the same system, DS download play & DS wireless play. But as I say about alot of DSiWare games, I wish there was Wi-Fi multiplayer and I would have loved this game alot more. So let's see: charming, colourful graphics, simple controls, it's audio is a little under average, 20 mini-games, 5 bucks. I'm giving Globulos Party on the DSi a 7.5 out of 10. Go to the website to see if you like it. I was charmed, maybe you will be too.

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