Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 10 - DSiWare Games of 2010 So Far (Notice)

Well, we're well into 2010 and the DSi Shop gets stronger (and sometimes weaker) every Monday to North America when we go into it's DSi Shop. This is why Today (Tuesday, April 6) I'm going to post the Top 10 DSiWare Games of 2010 So Far. I will do a second one in August and one final one in December. The one in December really counts though. These two are just for fun & to let you know what's the best in the DSi my opinion. I would have loved to put Photo Dojo in this one coming up but since it wasn't in Monday's Downloads, it will for sure be in the second one.
Best of Luck and hopefully the game you enjoy most is in this Top 10.

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