Friday, January 13, 2012

Batman: Under the Red Hood (Movie) Review

Batman: Under the Red Hood is an animated feature that came out in 2010 and it is very dark. This is not for kids. This takes some of the Batman comic story arcs and mixes them into an animated feature. There's familiar characters such as Joker & Ra's al Ghul. Then there's characters I've never heard of before like Nightwing & Black Mask but I really didn't care that I didn't know them. I was too entertained by the film.
The cast is great and John DiMaggio does a really good job as the Joker, at some points he sounds like Heath Ledger and at other times he sounds like Mark Hamill and the rest of the time he sounds like John DiMaggio. The animation is really great and really reminded me of the Batman animated series.
If you're looking for a Batman film as dark as The Dark Knight, then this is your answer. You won't be disappointed with Batman: Under the Red Hood.

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