Monday, November 21, 2011

Age of Zombies (iPod Touch) Review

From the PSP to the iPod, is killing zombies in time still fun?
 When I played Age of Zombies back on the PSP, I was delighted with its humour, charm, gameplay and the amount of zombies. Oh, many zombie brains went splat. Now I didn't know this was out on the App store until a few days ago, so I bought it, it is only 2.99, it's cheaper on the App store where its 5 dollars on the PSP. Either way, it's worth it. It's the exact same game though, other then I noticed a few new weapons like the buzz saw and I got the hoverboard for free. The reason it is better to buy Age of Zombies on the iTouch is the controls! On PSP, a duel stick shooter does not work because of the only stick and buttons. You can tell the game is meant for dual sticks. On the iTouch, you place your finger anywhere each side for either moving the guy around or shooting your weapon. Because of this one little control switch here made me enjoy the game so so much more then the first time. The charm & humour is still there, it's just been done better by controls. 
 I highly recommend this to any zombie fan or any dual stick shooter fans, this is a terrific game! You're not going to go wrong with Age of Zombies on the iTouch. Halfbrick you really a great job on Age of Zombies, and here's to hoping we see Age of Zombies 2 hopefully.

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