Thursday, December 15, 2011

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (iOS) Review

How is the First Avenger on iOS?'s good, it's fun, it's just I wasn't really entertained by it.
Like the movie, I wasn't entertained by Captain America. The game plays out like Mirror's Edge for iOS. 2D side scroller, you run across levels, slide your finger across to beat up bad guys, get combos, so on and so on. It is fun but ONLY if you loved the movie, now I didn't really enjoy the movie, I thought it was ok and that's why I didn't really enjoy myself here. The story is told throughout comic book style cut scenes. Also there is really bad and repetitive audio from the Captain and after the 3rd level, I gave up on the game, it got really boring. The music wasn't great either. I didn't fully hate the game because it is a good game, graphics are decent and the cut scenes are cool that it's told through this comic book style story. Oh and it loosely follows the movie. So again, I only recommend this IF you loved the Captain America movie or if you liked the gameplay style of Mirror's Edge for iOS. If you are like me and you thought the movie was ok then stay the hell away from this game!

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