Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thor (Movie) Review

Hot damn is this movie good! 
This is my favourite of the solo-Avenger flicks. The story is the origins of Thor and it does a damn good job at telling you about the character. One of my favourite things about the movie was the acting. The acting in the movie was spectacular! Chris Hemsworth does a damn good job at playing the Godly hero and he does it with humour and how he interacts with our world ... like when he likes a drink. ANOTHER! 
Anthony Hopkins also does a great job and Tom Hiddleston was great for the bad guy but the reason he is the bad guy is a reason we've seen in a few movies before already. 
The movie is really humourous and one thing I really loved about the movie is all the things in Asgard is extremely visually pleasing. It all looks very beautiful and incredible to just look around the screen and take it all in. 
This is the best one of the bunch and I think just on it's own, it's a great movie! You should watch this one no matter what!

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