Saturday, December 10, 2011

5 Game Apps That Are Worth It's Price Tag

These are 5 paid game apps to keep you entertained if the freebies are starting to bore you.

And Here. We. Go!

Oh Sh--

5 - Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies - I've been playing alot of Zombies since I got it on my iTouch and it's like having a console in your hand. It looks really damn good. You get one map to start with and the entire Dead Ops arcade mini game in one beautiful package. It is 7 dollars and worth every penny. More maps are coming in the near future in updates and will be free. Sweet.

4 - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Even though it's toned down from it's console brother, the app version still looks really good and plays really smoothly. This game is alot of fun on the go, and the same feeling you get from the console version, either the thrill of getting away from the cops as a runner or the cheer of taking down runners is still here and it's worth its 5 dollar price tag.


3 - Temple Run - This is the only FREE game on here but for a damn good reason. It's a very Uncharted / Indiana Jones-esque game. It's an endless runner though but it's free, great to look at, very addicting, simple controls and a damn good download!

2 - UFO on Tape - Believe in UFOs? Wanna keep it on tape? UFO on Tape is the game for that practice of trying to keep the UFO on camera for as long as you can. It is A LOT of fun and addicting, you'll be running around in circles just trying to keep that UFO on screen for the high score.
This might hurt...a little
1 - Spider-Man: Total Mayhem - One of the best portable Super Hero games I've ever played. Beautiful looking graphics. Great audio, cast work. Simple controls and still fun to play after you've beaten it. If you're a comic book nerd or if you're big on Spider-Man, this is worth every penny!

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