Sunday, December 11, 2011

Batman Arkham City Lockdown (iOS) Review

Yes that is an iOS game

A few days before Batman Arkham City Lockdown came out, I was looking through the app store to see if there was a Batman game. LEGO Batman does not count. Then a day later and I heard this game was released and I was a little creeped out. But anyhoo, Batman Arkham City Lockdown is pretty much, just a mini version of Arkham City for the iOS device of your choice. The game is short, there's 3 levels and one boss level and you do this 4 times. The 4 bosses are hit and miss, I'm not too familiar with EVERY Batman villain, but I did like fighting Two face and Joker and I was happy to see that every boss fight did have a different tactic to defeat them, which is nice and another thing I really liked about this is you just pretty much swipe on the screen to punch, kick and block from your enemy. It is nice to see that it's different from the MARVEL hero games with 3 buttons and those are (screen)button mashers. The audio is really great here and is perfect with the Boss battles, especially when you fight Joker. The graphics are my favourite part about it, the game looks INCREDIBLE. There is voice acting from all the bosses and the bad guys. Batman never says a word. Now I have no idea if this voice acting was either just for the game or if it's ripped from the full Arkham City game, I don't know but I'm not gunna complain, I love that there's voice acting and I love Mark Hamill as the Joker. He is perfect for the Joker. There are in-store purchases, but it's only for more bat suits, there is the animated series Batman, Batman Beyond and The Dark Knight Returns Batman. They all do play out differently, some cause more damage, some are faster, one is slower and the game shows a bit of replayability for a few things, if you want to fully upgrade Batman, you gotta keep playing, beating bad guys, getting points, upgrading Bats. This game does have a good amount of extras to keep you entertained too, there's the Batman Arkham City comics but there's only issues 1, 5 & 7. Why those 3 I have no idea. There are wallpapers that you can save and put it as your lock screen picture or home screen which I thought was really amazing. 
You pay 6, 7 dollars for the game, the game is short, but really amazing if you're a bat fan and you get a really great amount of extras which makes the 6, 7 dollars really worth it. If you don't have the time to play Arkham City or if you're too cheap to get it then get this. This is an impressive game and a great package for the price. Bat fans go crazy.

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