Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rock Band Unplugged (PSP) Review

I love rock and roll to go

Rock Band Unplugged is the first of the three portable Rock Band games. LEGO rock band on DS was 2nd and Rock Band 3 for DS was the last one. Now Rock Band Unplugged feels more like the Rock Band game I want to take on the go, what with the 40 song setlist it has, downloadable songs, the soundtrack is great, even though it does feel like a "Best of Rock Band 2 & RB DLC". The soundtrack includes songs like Pinball Wizard, More Than A Feeling, Livin' On A Prayer, Miss Murder. One of the problems I had with the soundtrack was I didn't like a song here & there and if they were using songs from Rock Band 2, why not use songs from the first Rock Band? I wouldn't mind playing some of those songs on the go. Even though this game has no new or exclusive songs, I didn't really mind it. I thought of it more as Rock Band 2 minus 80-something songs from Rock Band 2. One thing I love about Rock Band Unplugged and still do is how great this game looks. 
Even though it's toned down from the consoles, on the PSP, it still looks really good and the gameplay of having all 4 instruments. I loved it. I also loved that if one instrument was failing, the audio for just that instrument will start to fade. The game does have DLC, which makes it MORE like Rock Band then the DS Rock Band titles  but there's no multiplayer, which is one thing the Rock Band franchise is known for, but I did really enjoy that there was no multiplayer cause when I play music games, I usually play by myself and one thing I will not buy from the store is Know Your Enemy by Green Day. Why that song? Why not 21 Guns? Also Harmonix, please get back to getting more songs for Rock Band Unplugged, it's a great game, I'll buy DLC for it, I already got 5 songs off the store for it and I'm most likely going to get more when the time comes. I would like to see more songs for the store, let Rock Band live long on the PSP. Rock Band Unplugged is a 20 dollar game, it's worth EVERY penny. Rock Band Unplugged is getting a 9.0 out of 10.

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