Saturday, May 21, 2011

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (360) Review

Does this cross the finish line?

I remember playing Need for Speed 2 on the Playstation 1 back when I was a kid. Need for Speed 2 became one of my favourite racing games of all time and when I heard they were rebooting the NFS franchise, I jumped for joy when I heard Hot Pursuit would be going back to the roots of Need For Speed. Fast, exotic cars that I can never afford in exotic locations. This game brings A LOT to that. There's a hell of a lot of cars to unlock all in an open world environment. This kinda reminded me of Burnout Paradise mainly because of how beautiful the game looks. This is, to me, one of the best looking games I've seen. The graphics are the best part of the game's experience, I really have this sense of speed going down a road in the desert. The controls are simple to learn, which is always great. The online is also amazing, I spent more time playing the game online then I did offline, there was always a match found in like less then a minute. Now, I did buy the DLC for this, the 2 new game modes, the regular races but with weapons, I thought was a much needed mode before the DLC came out and the other one, with cops and racers and the cops got to catch the "Most Wanted" player, I thought was pretty cool but the thing I didn't like was not a lot of people were playing the new DLC when I got it, considering I got the DLC the day it came out. But in the end, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a GREAT addition to any racing game fan or anyone out there wanting a new racing game or people just getting into racing games. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is my personal favourite game of all time. It's a 10 out of 10.

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