Monday, May 9, 2011

Guitar Hero: On Tour Series (DS/DS Lite) Review

The Trilogy of Portable Rock

Guitar Hero: On Tour, the first one, came out way back in June 2008 and I remember when I bought it, I bought it day one and I was with my brother and one of my friends. Back then, I thought it was how I pictured a portable Guitar Hero game. The graphics look like Guitar Hero 3, just toned down since it's on the DS but it still looks pretty good for a DS game. Now just a heads up, if you have a DSi, DSi XL or the 3DS, you can't play these, these games are for those who have a DS or a DS lite and still play it. So continuing on the first On Tour, the soundtrack, it includes songs from Guitar Hero 3 and a few ones exclusive to the game but with the downloadable content for music games now, most of these songs are probably available for either Rock Band or Guitar Hero. But I did like how it wasn't all songs from Guitar Hero 3, all 3 games have around 25 songs. Now for controls, you put in a guitar grip into the gba slot and then you got the guitar controls, and then you get a pick stylus, which I still think is pretty cool and you strum on the touch screen. I actually played through a few songs again and I still think it's a great DS game but after playing Rock Band 3 or LEGO Rock Band which are more fun because of it's addiction. Guitar Hero: On Tour for DS is getting a 7.5 out of 10. 

Now the second one, Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades, to me is the best one of the 3 games and it's because of its soundtrack. It soundtrack includes 5 songs from the 70s, 5 songs from the 80s, 5 songs from the 90s and 5 songs from the 2000s and then 3 bonus songs. The only thing I didn't like was maybe one or two songs from the 2000s but other then that, this was the On Tour title I had the most fun with, the graphics look a little nicer but still the same as the first one. Guitar Hero: On Tour: Decades is getting an 8.5 out of 10.

Finally, Guitar Hero: On Tour: Modern Hits was the last one to come out and I had some fun with it, the soundtrack was alright, even though the soundtrack is all 2000s, I had fun playing songs like The Metal and Half-Truism. The thing I noticed is, is that the way the career played was like Rock Band, you play a song and then after the song, you get fans & money. I thought that was a little cheap and I didn't think that was a great career, I prefer how Guitar Hero did the career for the other 2 DS games, pick a character, and then play songs at a venue, unlock 5 new songs, play that, and continue on til the end. The graphics still look like Guitar Hero 3 and by the time I was playing this, I was playing Guitar Hero 5 for the 360. So the last one, I had fun but not as much fun, and even though there's the saying "Always end on a high note", the DS rock trilogy didn't end on a high note which means Guitar Hero: On Tour: Modern Hits is getting a 6.0 out of 10.

Out of all portable music games, your best bet is to get either LEGO Rock Band or Rock Band 3 since you can play that on any DS system, but if you still play your original DS or DS lite then give one of these a shot.

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