Thursday, May 26, 2011

Age of Zombies (PSP Download) Review

Zombies in time. Minus the DeLorean.

Age of Zombies is a game you can download from the PSN for 5 bucks and for 5 bucks, you get an awesome little game. 1 thing I really enjoyed about Age of Zombies was how funny it was, the story is told through what the characters are saying in text and the main guy, Barry Steakfries, feels like he is a Duke Nukem wanna be in the making, and to me, that was a good thing. The game kinda reminded me of Geometry Wars, because you move with either the d-pad or the analog stick and you shoot with the buttons, this game would have been a lot better if Sony had put in the 2nd analog stick but half the time, it was something that didn't really bother me. Now there's only 5 or 6 levels, my favourite was the 1930s. All of the worlds/levels were cool but the 1930s just got to me, and thats another thing I loved about AoZ was each time zone had its own zombies, like Egypt had mummy zombies, 1930s had gangster zombies & the screen fills up with zombies fast & with the blood and brains going everywhere, I loved this game! For 5 bucks, you really get your moneys worth here. Zombie fans looking to get a new taste of killing the undead, buy Age of Zombies when the PSN goes back up. Halfbrick Studios, please consider on making a sequel, maybe in the sequel there could be Nazi Zombies? Age of Zombies is getting an 8.5 out of 10.

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