Monday, August 22, 2011

Baseball (3DS Virtual Console) Review

Only fun to those who owned it.

The 3DS has the service I had hoped the DSi would get, the Virtual Console. Since the Wii has the Virtual Console for the old NES & SNES games, the 3DS gets the portable games and the first one I downloaded was Baseball. It was first on my list because this was one of the few games I had fun with back in the day but fast forward a couple of yrs and I'm now almost 2 decades old. This game is only fun for nostalgia reasons. That's it. That's all the fun I had with it. There's only 2 teams to choose from. Everything just looks really plain, like there's no depth to it. It's baseball at its most basic. I'm trying to say more about the game but I can't. I said it best I could at basic baseball. If you like baseball, then go grab another baseball game. MLB 2k11 on the DS is a great baseball game (review for that soon). you're better off getting that. But if you did own this game then it's only worth it for nostalgia. Baseball for the 3DS Virtual Console is getting a 5.5 out of 10.

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