Sunday, June 26, 2011

My thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS

Alright so the other day when I purchased Brunswick Pro Bowling for my PSP, outside of the Gamestop that I went to, was this truck promoting the Nintendo 3DS, and when I asked the guy who worked at Gamestop what was going on, he said "It's all Nintendo, they came in this morning and asked if they could park there." After I bought Brunswick Pro Bowling, I went into the truck and it was a pretty small truck, there were 8 or 6 tables and each had 2 3DS's and when one was available to try, I tried it out and the first thing I noticed was...the 3D is great on it! The handheld felt like I was holding a liter DSi but with an analog, which I'm gonna talk about in a minute. I was playing Excitebike and one thing I had to do was go from 2D, which shows it as the original Excitebike, but then when you put in the 3D. The 3D gave Excitebike alot more depth. There was more of a world, stadium, sky, clouds. It was amazing to see. I played one track once with the dpad and another with the analog stick. The dpad feels alot better then the DSi's dpad and as for the analog stick, if felt kinda cheap, kinda crappy, I'm not gunna lie. Then after a lady worked for Nintendo Canada explained more of the 3DS to me. In my head I was laughing, I already know what the system can do, I watched E3, I listen to the news from the Video Game Industry, I know what goes on. I know what the system can do. Everything she told me from Street Pass to transferring my DSiWare games to the 3DS, I know it all but I was nice and pretended like I didn't. I just wanted to play the damn handheld. One more thing I got to do before I left was, I took a picture of myself and turned it into a Mii. I look asian because my Mii's eyes are closed for some reason when my eyes were open during the picture but whatever, I thought it was awesome. I took two pictures of my Mii from my cell phone. One picture in 3D, one in 2D. Now instead of giving it a score, all I can say is the people at Nintendo ain't going hungry for a long time and I am really thinking about picking up the 3DS after my pleasant, random encounter with it the other day.

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