Sunday, June 12, 2011

Naughty Bear (Xbox 360) Review

It's Naughty Time!

Naughty Bear. What to say about it. When I first heard of this game, I was excited. This is a kind of game I've wanted to play for a while. Where you are the killer. Now the story is, you are Naughty Bear and the other bears are holding a party and Naughty Bear wasn't invited, so that is your motivation to go and kill...better yet, "finish" all the other bears off. You can do it however you like, either run in and kill or you can do it slowly and stealthy. I liked mixing it up here & there, it was all good fun. I thought sabotaging the phones and electricity was one of the most smartest things in the game. It really reminded me of the Friday the 13th movies but with teddy bears. One of the few things I didn't like about Naughty Bear was the camera felt a little loose and was going all over the place, the killing animations just repeat over and over and over again. Another thing is the difficulty, one chapter level feels like it's the easiest game ever and then when it's a level with the zombie bears, it feels like the difficulty goes up to impossible. Now when I got this game, DLC is already out and so I got my hands on the free DLC, which is another chapter and instead of killing zombie bears or army bears, you're killing super hero bears. I loved this because most of the easter eggs in here are nods to super heroes like X-Men, Hulk, Batman, and also notice the kryptonite in the background and around the area. I loved it but not for long because the game just repeats itself over. Now before I finish the review, I gotta talk about the online. I played an online mode once. ONCE. Do you know why? No one's playing this online! So if you find this cheap, like 10 bucks cheap, then yeah grab it. You'll have some fun but once you see it all and the game starts to repeat itself, the fun dies out. Naughty Bear for the Xbox 360 is a 6.5 out of 10. Maybe next time Naughty Bear, maybe next time.

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