Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Super Mario Bros. (DS) Review

Same Brothers. Same adventure. Is it still fun?
 New Super Mario Bros. is for sure a must get for any DS owner. Whether you own the original DS, lite, DSi, XL or 3DS. This game is a must own. This is the classic Mario adventure where the Princess gets kidnapped and you go through 8 worlds. Think of this like the original Super Mario Bros game but modernized. There's new power-ups, like the blue turtle shell (Best costume ever!) and Mega Mario, where everything is going down! For a game that came in 2006, it still looks pretty damn good for a DS side scrolling game. Now, I have played this before (like a while after it came out) and it took me 3 - 4 hours to beat all 8 worlds but it took me at least a good two weeks before I had everything unlocked. But this time, I'm taking my time and enjoying a great game. The (offline) multiplayer is fun as well. There is just a lot of fun to be had here. No matter how many times that idiot princess gets kidnapped, the adventure of getting her is always fun. Will Super Mario 3D be fun? I hope so! I preordered the game when I got my 3DS and I have no worries that Mario in 3D will be a bad game. I can tell you right now that it will be as good as this game or maybe better but for now, go buy New Super Mario Bros for the DS. I'm giving it an 8.5 out of 10.

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