Sunday, May 2, 2010

System Flaw Recruit (DSiWare) Review

Where's the game?
System Flaw Recruit feels more like it should have been a 200 or better yet, free app. This doesn't feel like it should cost 5 dollars. The idea behind System Flaw Recruit is that it uses the DSi camera and turns the environment into the playing ground and add in some Space Invader look alikes. The L or R button shoots and moving is just moving the DSi around. The top screen shows you the map, health and ammo. The bottom screen shows you the action. If you want to call it that. The Space Invader look alikes are either really easy or really hard to kill. Sometimes they will just hover there and take in death, where as the ones really hard to kill will move as fast as they can so it makes it impossible to shoot them while 3 or 4 other Space Invader look alikes come up to you and kill you faster. The health goes really fast when you only have 2 Space Invader look alikes shooting at you and trying to avoid you shooting at them and when you can get them killed. Sometimes you'll get some health or ammo out of it. I downloaded this game thinking this was a really cool idea for a game, but it turns out this should have been a 200 point app. Not a 500 point wanna be game. I'm gonna give System Flaw Recruit for the DSi a 4 out of 10. A really cool idea turned out to be a piece of crap.

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