Sunday, May 16, 2010

RockBand (Xbox 360) Review

When we got up on stage and got ready to play everybody'd listen.
Rockband is the first of it's play with a band kind of gameplay. You pick one song at a time, hit notes, unlock songs, customize characters, downloadable songs every week. Also the Big Rock Endings, which are only in some songs, where you can tear up the instrument you are on and add up to your score. It's just a crap load of fun, every time. I'm not gunna lie, between Guitar Hero: World Tour & RockBand, it's very hard for me to pick a favourite soundtrack. But in RockBand, you'll be playing classics such as (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Paranoid, Gimme Shelter, Foreplay/Longtime, and with these classics, you can play with some of the hits from this decade like Dani California, Welcome Home & When You Were Young. Plus like the Guitar Hero games, you get some bonus songs, which is an awesome little extra to the soundtrack. All the songs sound amazing, even the covers are really damn good. The only thing I'll say bad about the soundtrack is I don't like Aerosmith, so the cover for the one Aerosmith song they have in RockBand is a turn off for me. But other than that I really love RockBand. Hell, it's graphics are better than Guitar Hero. Since Guitar Hero is changing the way it looks every 2nd or 3rd game while RockBand looks the same after how many games? Plus with downloadable songs flowing in every week, pick yourself up RockBand for your Xbox 360. I'm giving RockBand for the Xbox 360 a 9.5 out of 10. Next Music Game: Guitar Hero: World Tour.

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