Monday, May 17, 2010

Ferrari GT: Evolution (DSiWare) Review

Outrun with more Ferraris on the go.
Ferrari GT: Evolution is another 800 point racing game on the DSiWare & it's a nice racing game. The graphics are really good, you get a crap load of ferraris to choose from, but not alot of tracks to race around. But the tracks you do get, are decent and can one lap can last around less than a minute to over a minute. and unlike AiRace, you can't reverse the track. The audio isn't much here, you'll be pushing the volume button faster than the race that's going on. The career mode is extremely long since you're going back and forth from race to race or from errard for a friend to a quick race. It's just a very long and boring career mode, unless there were more tracks. Controls are the usual for this racer, D-pad moves your car, A button is accelerate, B is brakes & the L button lets you look behind. Thing about this is I was winning half my races in 1st place. Almost race after race, but where as in AiRace on the normal difficulty, you're not always gunna come in 1st. AiRace is just the better racing game. So if you're looking for a racing game to download off the shop, you're best off downloading AiRace. It's worth your 8 dollars. This is not. I'm giving Ferrari GT: Evolution on the DSiWare a 5.5 out of 10.

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