Monday, May 17, 2010

Guitar Hero 5 (Xbox 360) Review

Smells like a decent game.
Guitar Hero 5 was one of the thousand music games that were thrown at us back in 2009. I played it and it was decent. The graphics are very beautiful to look at, even though you're supposed to be hitting notes. Everything about Guitar Hero graphics are here and should stay (coughGuitarHero6cough). The only thing bad I think I can say about the graphics is what the hell happened to Clive Winston? He looks like a freak. He should look like he did in World Tour. Gameplay of the full band is still there but this time, you could play with either 4 drums, 4 guitars (or bass) or 4 singers (don't ask me how that works). Plus I think Activision is "whore"ing up the idea of a band. If you play any song, you play with 2 or more people, some notes will come down and they are on fire. Everyone in the band hits those fired notes perfectly and boom...a band moment has happened. The soundtrack in here is a hit & miss. You get GOOD songs like Under Pressure, Runnin' Down A Dream, Sympathy For The Devil,  All Along The Watchtower, Kryptonite, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Why Bother, and there are the few other songs I play. When I mean few, I mean few. I played almost all the songs, not all of them are good. They have the same old DLC going on. A music maker, some more online stuff and some extras like a No Fail mode and a Free Drum mode. Guitar Hero 5 is a decent game, it shows off some very nice graphics while only having some good songs. Hopefully the graphics can stay the same for Guitar Hero 6 and hopefully they can fix up Clive Winston and get a better soundtrack. But until Guitar Hero 6, I'm gunna give Guitar Hero 5 for the Xbox 360 a 7.0 out of 10.

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