Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photo Dojo (DSiWare) Review

Photo-Finish Him!
Photo Dojo, the long-awaited DSiWare game finally became available for download FREE in the North American DSi Shop May 10th. If you're reading this before June 10th 2010 than go download the game right now. It's free until then. After June 10th, you got to pay 200 points. But even for 200 points this game is worth it. In Photo Dojo, you get to take around 13 photos of you and 7 other friends (so a total of 8 fighters) and take 10 recorded sounds of you and your friends (eg, taunts, kicks, etc...) and you can take 8 more photos and those 8 pictures are your backgrounds. The end result after is awesome. You get two modes, single player mode, in which you go through 100 people (you beat up your 1 to 7 friends over and over again) and then there is the multiplayer mode, in which player one gets the D-pad and the L button, while player two gets the buttons and the R button. The controls for multiplayer suck but you can get used to them. The controls in single player are so much better though, the D-pad moves your guy left and right, down is duck, and up is jump and you could either use the buttons for kick & punch or the L & R buttons for kick & punch, which ever works for you. In the end, the whole thing (graphics & audio) is a damn good laugh. The layout works really nicely, but its just the controls in multiplayer & I wish the multiplayer was better. But still this is a very damn good DSiWare game and it's getting an 8.5 out of 10.

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