Monday, April 19, 2010

Car Jack Streets (DSiWare) Review

What looks promising really isn't.
Car Jack Streets is a Grand Theft Auto clone and it does a lower than average job at doing it.
Graphically, this game isn't that bad, you get a pretty big city, top-down view (like in GTA & GTA 2). Instead of playing an immigrant or a biker, you play as a normal guy, who owes 1 million dollars to the mafia. So you do little jobs to pay off your dept over time. The thing is the only jobs I could do were pizza deliveries and taxi missions, I eventually ran out of time or crashed my car but when I wanted to do other missions, I went to them and walked around in this red circle which I thought would start the mission the moment I walked through. The mission never started, I pushed every button, nothing happened. I played at 4 different times (One in the morning, afternoon, evening and very late at night) and the circle was always in red and I could never do the mission (It was the same mission I was suppose to do for one of the guys). One mission that randomly came up, told me to stop this guy, but when I got to a intersection, it said I failed to stop the guy. The controls are decent and take time getting used to and the GPS is a really screwed up way of getting around since there's much to know on how to work it and how it works. It's audio is pretty cool, you get some songs when you get into a different car but I never heard no classic rock songs or classic rock rip off songs. So I wasn't that pleased with music. For 800 points, this game has really cool ideas, like the way the game uses the real date & time, it's graphics are decent for a DSi downloadable game, controls aren't that bad but it's just the fact that I couldn't do any of the missions, and I was killed by the mob 3 times before I wrote this now and I downloaded this game the day it came out (March 15th, 2010). Yeah, this is one game I don't think I can beat because I can't get into the missions. If the mission would start when you walk into the circle, I would like this a lot more and if there would be a...oh what's that called again? A STORY!!! Tag Games, if you're reading this, please eventually make a second game, I would like you too, and have a story in that game and please have a button start the missions! Until that second game is done, I'm gonna have to give Car Jack Streets on the DSi a 4.0 out of 10. Please Tag Games,  fix the issues and then make a second & better game.

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