Sunday, April 11, 2010

CrossworDS (DS) Review

For the crossword puzzle fanatics out there.
CrossworDS is a game full of Crossword puzzles. Go figure.
But not only do you get just hundreds of crossword puzzles, you also get
Anagrams, which you get a small amount of numbers and you have to make as many words as you can.
Word Searches, which you look around for the word and circle around it and cross it off the list and that's it.
3 different games, all word based. You just turn your DS so you're holding it like a book, and you use the touch screen for all the letter-writing action. I've played one of each, but more of the crosswords, and one thing I don't like about CrossworDS is when I write in a letter, the friggin' thing mistakes it for another letter, example, I write on the touch screen a (Capital) G and it will appear up as a small e. What the ****!? This happened alot and it really got to me. The word searches got to me after the areas got to big. It was fine when the area fit the screen and a little moving around is okay, but when the search area got too big, that got to me and Anagrams...I had no to little fun with that. I always had, always will. I can't really stand Anagrams but I do like a good crossword puzzle now and than and I did like the crosswords, but hated the anagrams. I'm giving CrossworDS for the DS a 7.0 out of 10.

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