Saturday, April 10, 2010

Geometry Wars: Galaxies (DS) Review

Geometry Wars: Galaxies is a sequel to the first Geometry Wars, which was originally included in Project Gotham Racing 2 as a bonus game on the original Xbox. The gameplay to Geometry Wars is you play a ship, a space ship, like from Asteroids and you move around the area, shooting bad guys, avoid dying & getting high scores. There is a single-player mode, a lot of multiplayer (offline & online) & Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved as an added bonus and online leaderboards. For controls, you can mix it up anyway you like, either have the D-pad to move/shoot, touch screen to move/shoot or the buttons to move/shoot, which ever floats your boat, which is really awesome, but the best control scheme is the D-pad to move and the buttons to shoot. The graphics are all retro, neon, bright light graphics and it all looks good, from the bad guys exploding to your ship. The multiplayer is also really cool, the offline & online work well, even though I only played it with someone online ONCE! But at least there is offline and online leaderboards. If anyone plays this game online. I think this game is really friggin' awesome and should be owned by many. Considering, it is a lot of fun, it's really cheap, and there is multiple online & offline multiplayer action and along with some good single player gaming. For Wii owners who own the Wii version of this game, you can link the DS & Wii versions of the game and unlock more planets in the single player game in the DS game. But I heard the Wii version isn't that good anyway but if I get it, I'll see how it is from the portable version. But for now, this really cheap, awesome little arcade shooter that could is getting an 8.5 out of 10.

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