Thursday, April 8, 2010

Game & Watch: Manhole (DSiWare) Review

It's fun but god is it slow.
Game & Watch Manhole has you has the stick man (or Mr. Game & Watch, whatever you like to call him) and there are four holes, 2 on the top road and 2 on the bottom road. You just have to cover one hole when a person walks over it, miss the person, they'll fall into some water and after 3 people fall, you lose. Now I thought this would have been the most fun but after seeing how slow it goes, it's only fun on game b which is the harder difficulty. Sounds, and graphics are the same as in any other Game & Watch game. 200 points, same deal being offered but this time as Manhole. This game can get fun but you just got to wait for the people to hurry the hell up. I'm giving Game & Watch: Manhole for the DSi a 7 out of 10.

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