Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 10 DSiWare Games So Far This Year

We're well into 2010 and I've gone through some good to decent and a few bad DSiWare games. But what are my favourite Top 10 DSiWare Games So Far This Year? Let's Count Down! (P.S. The 2 freebies - Flipnote Studios & Nintendo DSi Browser Don't count!)

10 - Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon (500 Points) - The best, most realistic, portable pinball game you'll ever play from the people who brought you Metroid Pinball & Super Mario Pinball.

9 - Flipper (500 Points) - An awesome little indie game that could & did. A sequel there should be!

8 - Bomberman Blitz (500 Points) - Online Multiplayer of Bomberman? Hell Yeah!

7 - Dr. Mario Express (500 Points) - It's always good to see the good Dr. Mario is in.

6 - Trajectile (500 Points) - Retro graphics, cool music, kinda crappy controls though.

5 - Globulos Party (500 Points) - A party you should NOT miss out on your DSi.

4 - Dark Void Zero (500 Points) - Old school, 8-bit shooter that should have been on the NES.

3 - Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory (200 Points) - Nintendo's Game & Watch series started out strong releasing this one first.

2 - Game & Watch: Helmet (200 Points) - My personal favourite of the 6 Game & Watch games available on the DSi Shop.

1 - Puzzle League Express (500 Points) - The best, most addicting game I've ever played. It's a game I always play when my DSi goes on!

So, Puzzle League Express is the best so far of 2010. Obliviously the list will change when ...
... The Next Top 10 DSiWare Games Available in 2010 ...  which will go up in August.
Than finally: The Top 10 DSiWare Games of 2010 (Which Really Counts) will be up near the end of December.      Nintendo...Release Photo Dojo SOON!!!!

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