Monday, April 12, 2010

Guitar Hero: Van Halen (Xbox 360) Review

What happened Eddie?
Now I love the music rhythm genre of games, and I love Van Halen. Now when I heard Guitar Hero: Van Halen was coming out. I was hyped, I thought of seeing interview videos with the band like in Aerosmith & Metallica. You get no videos with the band. The graphics look like Guitar Hero: World Tour but crappier. Even Van Halen looks crappy, the only good things I can say about the graphics is that, it is really cool seeing Eddie play his guitar with a screwdriver and foot. This can only be seen while playing "Intruder / Oh, Pretty Woman" and the way the animations of Eddie & David next to each other on some songs are okay like "The Cradle Will Rock..." and the animations of the singer & guitarist while playing Master Exploder is really funny to watch almost every time. Can someone say "Create custom Jack Black & Kyle Gass players?" One of the other things I liked about this game are the loading screens and pause menus, very Van Halen-ish. The song list is disappointing. To those people who love classic & hard rock music, this game is not for you unless you want to play through "Stacy's Mom" just to see more Van Halen. Hell, all you do in career mode is the usual play through songs, get more, but in this one. You get 5 songs, you get stars, unlock more songs, in a way where it's 5 songs from Van Halen and than 5 other songs from the other bands. What I don't get is why are most of these songs from this decade when Van Halen is a band from the 80's? The only songs in this game I can understand being here are Queen's "I Want It All", Deep Purple's "Space Truckin'", Foreigner's "Double Vision" & Billy Idol's "White Wedding". 4 songs that are classic / hard rock while the other songs don't fit. When I think Van Halen, I don't think Foo Fighters. Why aren't these songs in Guitar Hero World Tour or Guitar Hero 5 as DLC? Why doesn't this game look like Guitar Hero 5 graphically considering this came out after Guitar Hero 5. Where's all the modes? Why downgrade graphically & mode wise from Guitar Hero 5 to Guitar Hero World Tour? Why do you play as the current Van Halen with Wolfgang Van Halen as bassist? Why is it just David Lee Roth songs? Where's Sammy Hagar? Where's "I Can't Stop Lovin' You" or "Little Dreamer"? Why do you have to go through the career to unlock the classic Van Halen with the tight pants & long hair? Why is Wolfgang Van Halen dressed up like he was in the group in the 80's? The only fun in this game is playing the Van Halen songs you get & some of the other songs but most of them are already in Rock Band as DLC or in the actual game. Why play it in this disappointing piece of crap? Even though this game was a really big let down for me, the only fun I had was playing most of the Van Halen songs, Queen, Billy Idol & surprisingly Tenacious D. I think if you love Van Halen when David Lee Roth was singer, you'll love this game but if you're like me and you love Van Halen and you think Eddie should deserve MUCH better. Stay away from this game. Stay far away from this game & buy a music game based on a band that was made with care, go get either The Beatles: Rock Band or Guitar Hero: Metallica. I still love Van Halen, I just wish their game was given more care & love. I'm giving Guitar Hero: Van Halen for the Xbox 360 a 5 out 10. I think there's a mercy point or two in there because I really thought this idea would have been awesome.

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