Friday, March 11, 2011

Remote Racers (DSiWare) Review

Qubic Games goes from the sky to the ground with their new racing game.

Remote Racers comes from the same guys who brought us AiRace & AiRace: Tunnel for the DSiWare. Now, I loved AiRace, hell I still do. I still love to play it, it's still fun. It's a great game and when I saw the trailer for this, I was honest to God looking forward to it...and after just ONE race, I went back to playing AiRace. Remote Racers feels like it is a step back. Coming off of AiRace, you would want to think about making your next game, maybe, more awesome. But this, it looks good at times and then the other half the time, it looks bad, not really bad but not as great as AiRace looked. The controls is where the game falls apart, one touch on the left or right on the D-pad and your car is out of control. There are 8 racers to pick from, but when you first play it, there are only 2 racers to choose from. You have to unlock them all and out of all the races I played, I never unlocked any and with how bad the game is, I really didn't want to stick around, after every time I was done playing 1 or 2 races in Remote, I went right back into playing AiRace. The only good parts about Remote Racers is even though it's a car racing game, the moment you touch water, the car or whatever you're driving, turns into a boat, which is pretty cool and the tracks seem alot bigger than the tracks in AiRace but honestly after seeing how bad this is, don't play it. You're better off playing AiRace. AiRace IS the better racing game and AiRace is worth your money. Remote Racers isn't. Remote Racers on the DSiWare is getting a 3.5 out of 10. Just spend the extra few Nintendo Points and get AiRace.

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