Monday, March 14, 2011

All Star Air Hockey (DSiWare) Review

It shoots but does it score?

Even on my birthday (yes today I turn 19) I'm reviewing games, today I'm taking a look at All Star Air Hockey for the DSiWare & All Star Air Hockey feels like something you'd see in an NHL game as an unlockable mini-game but it's for the DSiWare instead and costs only 2 bucks. So far, we're off to a good start since it's cheap. Now, there's no NHL teams sadly, which is what I'd rather have but instead you pick from one of 8 country teams, there's Germany, Japan, Canada, Russia, Finland, USA, Sweden or UK. Now as for the graphics, there's not much going on but it's a top down view of a air hockey table and also it's a 2 dollar game, what are you expecting? I love the sounds of whatever the puck hits, it sounds great. Now there's 2 different modes, there's a practice mode, which to me was just quick play. Why didn't they just call it quick play? God only knows. The other mode is Tournament mode, which is just the playoffs where you beat a team, move on, beat another team, move on and beat the final team and you win. There's no achievements of some sort , no multiplayer, no unlockables. Nothing, there's just the 8 teams, 2 modes and the score goes up to 7. Whoever gets up to 7 first wins. The only control in the game is you use the touch screen to hold on to and move your paddle (I call it a pad or a paddle) but I really wished they had an option for d-pad controls. Now it feels exactly like a real air hockey game, I used to own an air hockey table and there are the moments where the puck is halfway in the net but it'll slide right out, those moments are in here and I was so happy. This isn't that bad of a portable hockey game, considering this is the first GOOD hockey game I've played on my DSi. Backyard Hockey is a complete waste of time & money and the hockey mini-game in Globz Party was fun but All Star Air Hockey is the hockey game I want to play & even though I'd rather have the licensed NHL teams like the Leafs, Canucks, Oilers to name a few. I loved All Star Air Hockey, it may have its problems here & there but this is the closest to the hockey that I want to play on my DSi and I hope Skyworks Interactive brings another hockey game to the DSi Shop soon, and hopefully it'll be the NHL game I've been wanting to play because we all know EA Sports isn't going to bring an NHL game to the DSi anytime soon. All Star Air Hockey on the DSiWare is getting an 8.0 out of 10. If you're a hockey fan and have been waiting for hockey for your DSi, definitely download this one today.

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