Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grand Theft Auto 4 Review

After 4 years, it's still amazing.

Back in 2008 just about everyone said Grand Theft Auto 4 was the greatest game ever. It's been out for 4 years and it's still great. The story is 30 hours of gameplay alone, the characters are all still incredible to see & interact with, controls aren't confusing at all and easy to get and just about all of the things to do beside the story, such as getting drunk, darts, bowling. It's all fun and still fun to play. The voice over work is incredible and top notch and the soundtrack to the game is great. Even though I mainly listened to the classic rock station. My only problem with the game, the games graphics are still great but with Rockstar's new games like Red Dead Redemption & L.A. Noire coming out in a few months, you can see that GTA4s graphics are starting to show but it wasn't a big problem though. The online is still fun as hell to play, the one mode I spent the most time playing was "Cops & Robbers" which is where 1 group are the cops & the other group are the robbers, and the robbers have to get to the get-a-way vehicle. It was the most fun I've had playing online since I started playing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. The choices you have to make in the game is, to me, the best part about the story and kinda got to me. Example,you have to choose to let someone live or die and it was still great. I felt like it was 2008 all over again. Now I already talked about the choices but now the story, the story is where it matters, Grand Theft Auto's stories usually ripped off gangster movies like Vice City is Scarface and Grand Theft Auto 3 is The Godfather (or so I've heard) but GTA4's story is original and a few missions felt like I was playing a Goodfellas game, but even when the game reminded me of Goodfellas, it was still not going to deep into reminding me of the movie and stayed GTA4. The emotions I (& alot of other people who played this as well) went through with the choices the game gives you is just, incredible and it's amazing that Rockstar could top their own game series. Grand Theft Auto 4 on it's own is a 10 out of 10. After 4 years, it's still perfect.

Grand Theft Auto 4 is only the first part to the Complete Edition. My next review, we ride over to Alderney & ride bikes with Johnny K. & the Lost M.C. with Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost & Damned.

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