Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony (360) Review

Time to end the Liberty City trilogy with a bang.

The Ballad of Gay Tony is the 3rd and final piece of DLC for Grand Theft Auto 4. The Ballad of Gay Tony puts you into the world of Luis Lopez. Luis is Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince's personal bodyguard, and you go through the clubs & nightlife of Liberty City. Ballad is my 3rd favourite GTA, next to Vice City, because it's so flashy, all the bright colours and neon gave it a Vice City feel to it, along with the Vice City FM. Maybe it's a hint at Rockstar's next GTA. The story in this one is you're Luis, the story starts out during the bank heist mission from GTA4, and to see possibly the greatest GTA mission ever from a different angle was really cool. The only problems I had with Ballad are the dancing. I couldn't stand the dancing, the controls for the dancing got confusing and dancing became my least favourite mini-game really quick. My favourite mini-game from Ballad was the parachuting. Once again, Rockstar nailed it with the writing, and the characters. It is extremely hilarious to see Brucie, from this view. This has to be the most action-packed game I've ever played, has there ever been a game where you're on top of a subway shooting down helicopters because you're stealing the subway car? If you haven't played Ballad yet, I won't spoil much for you but all I got to say is why haven't you played this yet? The multiplayer is as strong as it was when GTA4 came out and it's still going strong, not hard at all to find a match and it's fun as hell playing online. The Ballad of Gay Tony is a great way to end the GTA4 trilogy and it's cool to see what happened to the diamonds at the end of it all. The Ballad of Gay Tony is a lot of fun to play, except for the dancing and I hated that it was an actual mission. But it's time to score it up and The Ballad of Gay Tony for the 360 is getting an 8.5 out of 10.

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