Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rock Band: Classic Rock Track Pack (360) Review

Is 20 classic tunes good enough for you?

Rock Band is, to me, the best music game out there and I love just about all of the Rock Band titles (Beatles, Green Day, LEGO, 1 & 2) and there's this. Rock Band: Classic Rock Track Pack says what it is. It's Rock Band and, like AC/DC, it's a track pack, which means only 20 songs but you can import the songs into your Rock Band 1 or 2 library (I don't know about Rock Band 3 but most likely you can). Now I love classic rock and that's one reason why I picked this up, this track pack has some pretty awesome tunes. When you get this you get hits like, Baba O'Riley, Bad to the Bone, Can't Stand Losing You, Peace of Mind. But with all good things there must be bad, there were a few songs I didn't like, like the two Dead Kennedys songs, I didn't even bother playing Hit me with your best shot because the song has gotten really old and boring for me. There are 20 songs, I didn't like 7 songs. Now these Track Packs are sold for 30 dollars at some places but other places you can find them cheaper. Do not buy a track pack unless you love every song in the setlist or only if you want to increase your Rock Band library. On it's own, its kind of like a little demo of Rock Band, you get the Rock Band 1 feel here, with the way the song select is, menus and all that. I didn't mind it but it did bother me that I can't make a setlist and it's one reason why I imported these songs to Rock Band 2 as fast as I could. Now you could get these songs individually on Xbox Live or PSN but then you're out 12 achievements (or trophies) . If you are an achievement (or trophy) whore, then there are 12 easy achievements (or trophies) to get here, even though most of them are 5 star this song with that or this instrument. I bought this for 10 bucks, if you can find this or any track pack of your choice south of the 10 dollar mark then grab it, its 20 songs for 10 or less bucks. To me, personally, this is a 7.5 out of 10 because I love the setlist here but I did want a little bit more, like why did they pick this song, why couldn't it have been THAT song. But I did enjoy alot of the songs and you can import them for free. I love my classic rock and I love Rock Band. I already gave you the score, if you find it for 10 bucks or less. Grab this (7.5 out of 10) game.

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