Monday, July 12, 2010

Green Day RockBand (Xbox 360) Review

Punk Band
Green Day RockBand is the second game from rockband to be based ONLY on a band.
Here you will find only Green Day songs, where as in a Guitar Hero game based on a's a lost cause.
Unless it's Metallica, that's the only good one. But as I was saying, I'm not a huge fan of Green Day, I only like a few songs from them, and it was fun to play those songs here. I mainly played the guitar for this game and was it fun, some songs more challenging but the ones I knew, and some songs off their new album are really fun to play. Playing or singing Boulevard of Broken Dreams will never get old for me. The graphics show that a lot of love and care went into making the game unlike the Guitar Hero band games (excluding Metallica), you get to see the band from they first started out playing in only one of three places, a warehouse to play their earlier songs, them playing on stage for a huge concert for around the time American Idiot came out and a theater for their new album. You see them young, what they look like a couple of years ago and what they look like now. I was really disappointed to see that they didn't do dreamscapes for Green Day's songs. Whenever I think Guitar Hero band games, I think crappy and the band playing places they played live, for Rockband, I expect to see dreamscapes, I can do a Boulevard of Broken Dreams dreamscape if I was given the chance. But either way, it's okay. You get 47 songs, 2 full albums & some extra songs in there. The 6 Green Day songs from their new album that became available for download on the Rockband store are the only DLC this game will see. That's pretty much Green Day RockBand. If you love music games, you might like this, but if you love Green Day, this is your game. I'm giving Green Day RockBand on the Xbox 360 a 7.5 out of 10.

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