Sunday, December 12, 2010

CLUE (Mobile) Review

Can you get a clue if this is any good?

CLUE is an old board game but no one knows what the hell a board game is nowadays so developers make the old board games into new games for consoles, handhelds & phones. I've only played the actual board game once, I used to play the old PC game (you remember, where you get the CD game out of a cereal box) and then I've played this version. Is it fun? I'm about to tell you. It's graphics reminded me alot of the cutscenes you'd see in a Grand Theft Auto game on Nintendo's handhelds (Chinatown Wars & GTA on game boy advance) and instead of you are one of the characters, you play as a journalist going to a murder, and the victim is ALWAYS, in every case, Mr. Boddy. You can clearly see that this game has A LOT of creativity. You go around a house or apartment or mansion, talking to the CLUE characters and then it's the old get clues, like what room, what weapon and who. If you love TV shows like Remington Steele or if you're a fan of the board game, I think this is a fun game and you'll have about a weekends worth of fun here, it's never the same guy on one case, it always changes, which is not bad. The one main problem I had with this is the time, though it says you have 45 minutes, you really have 15 minutes, but what really pissed me off, is that walking from one room to the one across the hall can take up to 8 minutes! What the hell man! And getting a short answer from one of the characters takes up 5 minutes? What the hell! If it wasn't for the time limit, I would have given this game a higher score but this game is just for the fans of the board game or the old "who did it" entertainment. And also this is a 7 DOLLAR game! This is ridiculous, which is why CLUE for mobile is getting a 6.5 out of 10. Mystery Solved.

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