Thursday, December 16, 2010

BioShock (Review)

Beyond the sea lays a beautifully creepy city.

BioShock, the first BioShock, is probably a gaming treasure. Now, I know you can get BioShock for about 20 bucks and if you're into the first person shooter adventure titles, this is right up your alley and keep reading this review. Now as I said, BioShock is a first person shooter, which is better then seeing the game as a 3rd person adventure and cause it's a shooter, expect the usual first person shooter controls, but there are some twists and turns there so it's not the exact controls of a COD game. The one main thing I LOVED, and I mean I spent minutes enjoying it, was whenever there was a window and you can look out onto the city, and see how incredible it looks. I would spent at least a good 5 to 10 minutes enjoying the view, but overall, this is a dark game and I mean that as it's a dark game like there are a lot of shadows, creepy looking people like the spider slicers, holy crap, I've never been so frigging scared playing a game knowing one of those were walking around. The worst of it all is when a Big Daddy (Look at the big thing on the box cover) is pissed off at you. They will come a running and they will kill you. I did like the choices you had to make when rescuing a little sister (The creepy little girl on the big daddy on the box cover) that it would effect the ending, I thought that was cool, and so there are 3 different endings and I only got one, the one where the splicers came up and killed everyone. I thought how lovely. But yeah, you can level up, upgrade. So if you like RPGs, this isn't that bad, I'm calling this half of a RPG, so in my life this is the closest to an RPG I've finished. I'm not much into the RPGs, the only one I will play at will is Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time on the DS, but even that game I haven't finished. I did really like BioShock, the few things I didn't like about it were the multiple save slots, I lost track of which one was mine a few times and the map, to me, was confusing as hell to read and finally my big complaint about the game. I know, the more gameplay hours in a game the better but this felt, really long (And that is what she said) but the final boss was a little easy to beat. But for 20 bucks, this is definitely worth your money and you are not beating this in a weekend, well maybe if you can pull some all nighters. The first BioShock for the Xbox 360 is getting a 9 out of 10. To be honest, I'm not really hyped to play the second BioShock, what with the development team change but I will give it a go and we'll see where that takes me, but as for BioShock Infinite, it looks awesome and this looks like the TRUE sequel to BioShock, because the original developers are working on it.

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