Monday, October 4, 2010

LEGO Battles (DS) Review

Written by Michael Dulson

Old LEGO and still Epic.

LEGO used to be space people, pirates (my personal favourite), some Indiana Jones ripoff, I think his name was Johnny Thunder, and a lot of other original sets and I used to get most of them and either have them in a city or i would have awesome adventures or have them battle it out in some weird looking stadium...continuing on with the review, this game is my childhood and if you played with the old LEGO sets, I mean space people, pirates, kingdom, etc...than this is a really good DS buy for you because it was a smart idea having the old LEGO characters as who you play, you can choose between one of 3 different types of characters, either space people, Pirates and than there's the Kingdom people. The cut scenes look really good for DS and like any other LEGO game, it's got that charm & humour like any other game, no voice over, it's all the grunts and ohs like in every other LEGO game & it's still really funny here. The controls are all used on the touch screen, you start out with 2 builders and you gotta make your way from there and kick ass. (also since  this is my first RTS, so I wasn't really into it when I first played it but I got into it eventually, I got used to it) and no I'm not being easy on it because it's LEGO, this is coming from a guy who has NEVER played a RTS game, this is a FUN game. I think the only problem I had was some parts got a little too challenging and the exploration got old after a few matches but this could be a kid's first RTS and your kid will have a problem with it at first but he'll get into it & soon, love it. This is a lot of fun, and to me, this is my childhood on the go and definitely pick this up for you or your kid or your friend. This is a must own to any DS owner, LEGO lover or RTS fan. LEGO Battles on the DS is an 8.0 out of 10. Really loved it!

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