Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Brothers 3 (GBA) Review

After all these years, it's still awesome!
Super Mario Brothers 3 is a very well known game to everyone. It came out on the NES, the NES version, to me, is the better version, and also it came out on a SNES Mario collection known as 'Super Mario All-Stars'. The SNES version is what you're getting here plus some. The game has the same 16 bit graphics that the SNES version had, and because it's on the GBA, it gets some little extra features in some of the worlds, backgrounds, and so on. There are 8 worlds, new power-ups. The levels are all the same, no changes and also the levels are still short but they will kick your ass. The music is the best part of Mario 3 and people around the world probably still hum the tunes on the way to work or school. That's how awesome the music is. Controls are simple, since it's a Mario game. A is jump, B is run, and the D-pad to move Mario or Luigi. Along with Mario 3, you also get the old Mario Brothers arcade game which is cool but you get that game with every Super Mario Advance game. What would have been cooler is the choice to play the NES or SNES version. Also there is a huge thing going on with the e-reader thing with this which means, to make levels, you gotta spend (I checked out prices on eBay) $100 on the cards & somewhere from $20 to $40 on the e-reader and you got to have two game boy advances. Wow, all that $$$ just to make & play more levels. But seeing some of them on youtube, I think this is a really cool idea and it's just a shame only the rich brats will be able to play this. But I got my copy of Mario 3 off of eBay for about $15 but I was lucky and you can find it either around the internet or in random game stores that isn't a EB games or Gamestop for $40. But $40 still isn't a bad price for a classic. Nintendo here's an idea, re-release Super Mario All-Stars on DSiWare! Back in the day, I thought this game was perfect, after playing it, it's not perfect but it's NEAR perfect. Mario 3 on the GBA is a 9.5 out of 10.

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