Friday, August 20, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Review

Most Epic Mario Game. Ever!
I've had my thoughts on the Wii and why it's a bad console, a good console and why can't it be good.
Than I played Super Mario Galaxy and Holy ****ing **** ***** was I wrong. This game just doesn't LOOK AMAZING but it controls very nicely, the A button on the Wiimote jumps Mario, and the joystick on the numb chuck moves you around. That's the basic of the control. Than the story, Bowser steals the castle with Peach inside it. Mario tries to save her, but ... I shouldn't ruin the story for you but it is epic every step of the way. Now the story can be completed after 60 stars have been collected but if you're hardcore, you can try and get all 120 stars after or before, you choose. But to me, the BEST part of the game was its music! This game has music nods to the original Mario game, Mario 3 & some others and has some own epic music of its own! Which is a damn good thing! This is the best game you'll ever get for your Wii, and after you beat it, there's a sequel waiting for you at the Game store to be bought & beat. This game became my favourite Mario game, it pushed Mario 3 out of 1st. True story. Saying that, Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii is in every way, perfect and I believe this is the first game that is a 10 out of 10. Huzzah! Go buy it, enjoy it & love it. 

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