Saturday, November 20, 2010

AC/DC Rock Band Track Pack (Xbox 360) Review

Read this before you get Thunderstruck

This is Rock Band, same music, hit the note at the time gameplay, but this is a track pack, so you're only getting 18 AC/DC songs that were played live. You do get classics (& some of my favourites) like Let There Be Rock, Highway to Hell, T.N.T., Back in Black, Thunderstruck, and so on...these songs go from easy to challenging to extremely challenging. No matter what, these songs are all fun to play if you're the singer, but this came out after Rock Band 2 and there's no No Fail mode, no online. All you get is 18 AC/DC Live songs and inside the manual, there's a code so you can import the songs to play with either Rock Band 1, 2 (I don't know about 3), but most likely you can. When this game came out, it was a $40 game, do not buy it at $40. Now this game is $20...still do not buy this game at $20. I bought the game at an EB games for 5 dollars. That is what you should pay for this game. If you find this game for $5, buy it. If you find it for a dollar higher then $9, put it down & walk away. Saying that, if you REALLY love AC/DC then you'll love this and buy it when you find it ($9 or cheaper). There's not much in this disk to make it worth more then $9 so AC/DC/ We salute you for rocking us with awesome tunes but ... the game should've been better. AC/DC Rock Band Track Pack for the Xbox 360 is nothing more than a 6.0 out of 10.

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